The Hindu Editorial (On the edge) – May 11, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (On the edge) – May 11, 2021

The ongoing violence in Jerusalem is a culmination of the tensions building up since the start of Ramzan in mid-April. When Israeli police set up barricades at the Damascus Gate,… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (On the edge) – May 11, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (On the edge) – May 11, 2021:

  1. on the edge (of) (phrase) – on the brink of, on the verge of a situation; at a crucial or critical point.
  2. dignity (noun) – self-esteem, self-respect, morale.
  3. ongoing (adjective) – continuous, constant, unceasing, relentless.
  4. Jerusalem (proper noun) – a city in Western Asia; Jerusalem is home to major religious sites sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims. It is the religious and historical epicenter of the world. Both Israel and the Palestinian Authority claim Jerusalem as their capital, however, either claim is not widely recognized internationally. The United States has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
  5. culmination (noun) – climax, conclusion.
  6. tension (noun) – strained relations, pressure, strain.
  7. build up (phrasal verb) – intensify, increase, escalate.
  8. set up (phrasal verb) – erect, put up, construct, build, create.
  9. barricade (noun) – barrier, blockade, fence. 
  10. lead to (verb) – result in, cause, bring on, give rise to.
  11. scheduled (adjective) – planned, expected, required, awaited, anticipated.
  12. hearing (noun) – trial, court case, inquiry. 
  13. eviction (noun) – expulsion, banishment, ousting/removal.
  14. neighbourhood (noun) – (surrounding) area, region, country.
  15. sanctuary (noun) – a holy place.
  16. disperse (verb) – break up, disband, separate.
  17. Ottoman Empire (noun) – The Ottoman Empire (1301-1922) was one of the largest and longest, lasting Empires in history. It was an empire inspired and sustained by Islam, and Islamic institutions. It was an Islamic kingdom centered in Turkey.
  18. volatile (adjective) – unpredictable, turbulent, uncertain, inconstant.
  19. march (noun) – procession.
  20. take (out) (verb) – perform, carry out (an action).
  21. Zionist (adjective) – a supporter of Zionism.
  22. Zionism (noun) – the national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel. Zionist is a supporter of zionism. 
  23. mark (verb) – commemorate, remember; represent, signify.
  24. break out (phrasal verb) – flare up, begin/start suddenly, erupt, burst out.
  25. at the heart of (phrase) – at the most important part of.
  26. Six-Day War (noun) – a war fought in June 1967 between Israel and the Arab states of Egypt, Syria and Jordan. The Six-Day war was the third in the long line of Arab-Israeli wars that started in 1948, around the time of the creation of the Israeli state. Beginning on June 5, 1967, the war spanned only six days during which Israel almost decimated (destroyed) Egypt’s air force and captured new territory. The war ended on June 10, 1967.
  27. sovereignty (noun) – authority, supreme power, control, domination.
  28. whereas (conjunction) – in contrast/comparison with the fact that.
  29. settlement (noun) – agreement, deal, resolution.
  30. hold on to (phrasal verb) – keep or retain something.
  31. status quo (noun) – the present situation, the current state, the existing state of affairs.
  32. non-existent (adjective) – missing, absent; imaginary, unreal.
  33. carte blanche (noun) – complete freedom to do whatever one wishes to do; a free hand, full discretionary power, leeway, latitude, elbow room; French phrase, literally means ‘blank paper’ except for a signature on which one is authorized to write whatever she/he wishes.
  34. settlement (noun) – an uninhabited place where people established a community/colony.
  35. repression (noun) – suppression, oppression, quelling, restraining/stifling.
  36. trigger (verb) – cause, prompt, bring about.
  37. condemnation (noun) – censure, criticism, castigation, stricture.
  38. unlikely (adjective) – improbable, not likely, doubtful, dubious.
  39. mend one’s ways (phrase) – change for the better, change completely, improve.
  40. overlook (verb) – neglect, ignore, disregard, turn a blind eye.
  41. Tel Aviv (proper noun) – a city on Israel’s Mediterranean coast. (Israel designates Jerusalem as its capital. Whereas Jerusalem’s status as Israel’s capital is not universally recognized, the United Nations and the European Union, have not designated Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital).
  42. ease (verb) – moderate, decrease, lessen, diminish, reduce, lower.
  43. yoke (noun) – tyranny, oppression, domination, hegemony; control lever/bar.
  44. occupation (noun) – invasion, seizure, takeover, annexation.
  45. be at the centre of (phrase) – be the main subject of something.
  46. reality check (noun) – something which helps us to see a situation with the real facts than ideas, concepts, hopes &, etc.


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The Hindu Editorial (On the edge) – May 11, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (On the edge) – May 11, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (On the edge) – May 11, 2021

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