The Hindu Editorial (Later than ever) – Jul 02, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (Later than ever) – Jul 02, 2021

The Union Territory of Puducherry has finally got a Council of Ministers. It has taken almost two months after the Assembly election results,… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Later than ever) – Jul 02, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (Later than ever) – Jul 02, 2021:

  1. immerse (verb) – involve, occupy, engage (deeply in a particular activity).
  2. wrangle (noun) – argument, debate, fight, disagreement, difference of opinion.
  3. assumption (noun) – managing, handling, taking on power/responsibility.
  4. nominee (noun) – candidate.
  5. swear in (phrasal verb) – admit into office, inaugurate, introduce (into office).
  6. stand out (phrasal verb) – be noticeable, be obvious, be conspicuous, be striking.
  7. coalition (noun) – alliance, union, partnership.
  8. inordinate (adjective) – excessive, unreasonable, unjustifiable, needless, unnecessary.
  9. deadly (adjective) – fatal, lethal, life-threatening.
  10. pandemic (noun) – the worldwide spread of a new disease; The illness spreads around the world and typically affects a large number of people across a wide area.
  11. add to (phrasal verb) – increase, augment, intensify.
  12. thrash out (phrasal verb) – resolve, settle, sort out, deal with, handle.
  13. difference (noun) – disagreement, difference of opinion, misunderstanding, dispute, argument.
  14. portfolio (noun) – the area of responsibility (department) assigned to a Minister.
  15. obvious (adjective) – clear, evident, apparent, distinct.
  16. not-so-enthusiastic (adjective) – not-so-eager, not-so-keen, not-so-vigorous, vehement.
  17. nominated (adjective) – appointed.
  18. nominated legislator (noun) – The Government of Union Territories Act, 1963 specifies that the Puducherry legislature will have 30 elected MLAs, and a maximum of three MLAs nominated by the central government. The law also specifies that the nominated persons should not be government employees. 
  19. taste (verb) – experience.
  20. deserve (verb) – be worthy of, be entitled to, be qualified for, justify.
  21. credit (noun) – praise, commendation, acclaim, approval, acknowledgement, recognition.
  22. balance (noun) – fairness, justice, impartiality, egalitarianism.
  23. possibility (noun) – chance, likelihood, probability.
  24. implementation (noun) – execution, application, carrying out.
  25. manifesto (noun) – a publication issued by a political party before a General Election. It contains the set of policies that the party stands for and would wish to implement if elected to govern; (policy) statement, declaration, pronouncement.
  26. emphasis (noun) – importance, significance; priority, insistence.
  27. statehood (noun) – the condition of being an independent state.
  28. territorial (adjective) – local; relating to a particular territory (area/region).
  29. in the pink (phrase) – in very good condition/health; very well.
  30. as far as – is concerned (phrase) – with regard to a particular person or situation.
  31. debt (noun) – liability, financial obligation, borrowed capital.
  32. account for (phrasal verb) – constitute, comprise, form, represent.
  33. circumstances (noun) – situation, condition, context.
  34. goodies (noun) – something attractive.
  35. translate (verb) – change, convert, alter, transform.
  36. measure (noun) – action, step, procedure.
  37. welfare (noun) – a government program that provides (financial) assistance to individuals and families in need; social security, public assistance.
  38. social security (noun) – welfare; public/government assistance; a government program that provides (financial) assistance to individuals and families in need.
  39. beneficiary (noun) – recipientreceiver.
  40. empathetic (adjective) – compassionate/ humane, sympathetic, understanding.
  41. waive (verb) – relieve a borrower of the obligation/liability to repay a loan.
  42. legacy (noun) – something received from a predecessor or from the past.
  43. bickering (noun) – squabble, argument; quarrel.


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The Hindu Editorial (Later than ever) – Jul 02, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (Later than ever) – Jul 02, 2021
The Hindu Editorial (Later than ever) – Jul 02, 2021

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