The Hindu Editorial (Israel undecided) – Sep 20, 2019

The Hindu Editorial (Israel undecided) – Sep 20, 2019

Once again, Israel is poised for protracted coalition talks between the country’s two main parties. Tuesday’s election, the second this year,… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Israel undecided)- Sep 20, 2019.

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Today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Israel undecided) – Sep 20, 2019:

  1. step aside (phrasal verb) – leave, quit, resign/withdraw.
  2. poise (verb) – position oneself, prepare oneself, brace oneself.
  3. protracted (adjective) –  very long, prolonged, extensive.
  4. elude (verb) – lose, duck, shake off.
  5. hard-line (adjective) – relating to a group/a political party with people who support a strict ideas and they are extreme & uncompromising.
  6. rubric (noun) – headline; an evaluation tool/a set of guidelines/instructions.
  7. coalesce (verb) – combine, merge/unite, come together.
  8. cohesive (adjective) – united, integrated, cooperated.
  9. burn one’s bridges (phrase)  – to destroy one’s path, connections, reputation, opportunities, etc., particularly intentionally.
  10. centrist (noun) – a person whose political opinions are not extreme, falling between those of liberals and conservatives.
  11. ally (noun) – partner, supporter, accomplice/confederate.
  12. precarious (adjective) – uncertain/unsure, insecure, unreliable/risky.
  13. forge (verb) – form, create, establish/set up.
  14. right-wing (adjective) – conservative, rightist, alt-right.
  15. opt to (verb) – choose, select, pick out.
  16. deadlock (noun) – stalemate, impasse, checkmate/stand-off.
  17. helm (noun) – responsible, in authority, in charge.
  18. contemplate (verb) – consider, think about, reflect on. 
  19. scenario (noun) – course of events, situation.
  20. prosecutor (noun) – a lawyer who presents the government’s case against someone accused of a crime.
  21. dilemma (noun) – quandary, predicament, difficulty.
  22. relentlessly (adverb) – steadily, firmly/determinedly, continuously in an intense way.
  23. ultraorthodox (adjective) – relating to, or conforming to the approved form of any doctrine, philosophy, ideology, etc.
  24. enlist (verb) – enrol, join up.
  25. anticipate (verb) – expect, foresee, precede.
  26. stretch (verb) – prolong, lengthen, make longer.
  27. optimism (noun) – hopefulness, confidence, positiveness.
  28. resort to (verb) – have recourse to, utilize, employ.
  29. rhetoric (noun) – bombast, loftiness, hyperbole/extravagant language.
  30. fragmented (adjective) – separated, isolated, disintegrated/collapsed/divided.
  31. polity (noun) – a politically organized society (or state or unit).
  32. imperative (noun) – necessary condition, precondition, requirement.
  33. oblige (verb) – require, compel, bind/force.
  34. strike (verb) – hit, drive, propel.
  35. endeavour (noun) – venture, pursuit, exercise/activity.
  36. ought to (modal verb) – must, should.
  37. underpin (verb) – support, strengthen, fortify, buttress.
  38. sovereignty (noun) – supremacy, dominion, power.
  39. foremost (adverb) – primarily, mainly, most importantly,  in the first place.
  40. facilitate (verb) – make easier, clear the way for, assist/help.
  41. statesmanly (adjective) – relating to the experienced, respected political leader.


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Today’s word list-2 The Hindu Editorial (Israel undecided) – Sep 20, 2019:

The Hindu Editorial (Israel undecided) - Sep 20, 2019

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