The Hindu Editorial (Enduring greatness) – Mar 10, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (Enduring greatness) – Mar 10, 2021

Among the Big Three in men’s tennis, Novak Djokovic has been the least appreciated by fans and followers. If Roger Federer’s wizardry has elevated the sport to unseen levels aesthetically,… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Enduring greatness) – Mar 10, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (Enduring greatness) – Mar 10, 2021:

  1. enduring (adjective) – stable, steady, steadfast, firm, unwavering, long-running, long-term.
  2. greatness (noun) – brilliance, prowess, talent, expertise/skill, mastery.
  3. chase down (phrasal verb) – run after and catch someone; follow and catch someone.
  4. hold (verb) – possess, have, own.
  5. wizardry (noun) – magic, alchemic talent, supernatural ability; artistry, great skill, genius (in a particular sphere of activity).
  6. elevate (verb) – raise, lift up (to a higher position/level).
  7. unseen (adjective) – invisible, undetectable, unnoticed.
  8. aesthetically (adverb) – beautifully, attractively, elegantly.
  9. rugged (adjective) – strong, muscular, mighty; firm, determined, resolute; exacting, taxing, demanding.
  10. artistry (noun) – (creative) ability, skill, talent, style.
  11. stretch (verb) – extend, spread, continue, range, unfold.
  12. extreme (noun) – limit, extremity, greatest degree, highest degree, maximum, height.
  13. elastic (adjective) – adjustable, accommodating, flexible, versatile, all-around.
  14. straddle (verb) – be on both sides of something; extend across, traverse.
  15. at times phrase) – sometimes, occasionally, now and then.
  16. offset (verb) – even up, counterbalance, cancel out, equalize, neutralize.
  17. demeanour (noun) – behaviour, manner, attitude, look.
  18. grinding (adjective) – overwhelming, overpowering, unendurable, intolerable, burdensome.
  19. embark upon (phrasal verb) – start, begin, initiate.
  20. go past (verb) – surpass, excel, transcend, be better than.
  21. serve (verb) – do, perform; function/act as.
  22. run (noun) – a continuous series of performances (in a sport/event).
  23. longevity (noun) – continuance, continuity, continuation, lasting power, long life, durability.
  24. utter (adjective) – complete, total, absolute.
  25. decade (noun) – a period of ten years.
  26. gone by (adjective) – bygone, in the past, earlier.
  27. decades gone by (phrase) – 10 years in the past.
  28. scale (verb) – go up, go over, ascend, climb up, reach.
  29. celebrated (adjective) – admired; renowned.
  30. duo (noun) – a pair of people.
  31. pole position (noun) – a dominant position.
  32. all but one (phrase) – all except one.
  33. accumulate (verb) – gather, collect, amass.
  34. remarkably (adverb) – strikingly, exceptionally, incredibly.
  35. come as no surprise (phrase) – something which is not surprising someone, but is as expected one.
  36. build on (phrasal verb) – develop, enhance, expand on.
  37. fleet-footed (adjective) – nimble, agile/deft, active, light on one’s feet.
  38. wing (noun) – limb (arm/leg); (wings -used in relation to ease and quickness of movement (of a person)).
  39. chisel (verb) – sculpt, carve, shape, fashion, form.
  40. pre-eminent (adjective) – important, foremost, prominent.
  41. hallowed (adjective) – holy, sacred, reverenced/divine.
  42. triumph (verb) – prevail, win, succeed.
  43. majesty (noun) – impressiveness, nobleness, magnificence, grandeur, grandness; supremacy, dominion.
  44. notwithstanding (conjunction) – although, in spite of the fact that, despite the fact that, even though.
  45. replicate (verb) – emulate, recreate.
  46. up against (phrase) – confronted with, faced with, opposed by.
  47. invincible (adjective) – unconquerable, unbeatable, indomitable.
  48. acknowledge (verb) – admit, accept, realize.
  49. blip (noun) – a small/very short & temporary deviation (from normality/trend).
  50. stagnate (verb) – decline, deteriorate, fall.
  51. wilderness (noun) – a position of disapproval/dislike.
  52. vintage (adjective) – high-quality, superior, best; classic, ageless.
  53. ruthless (adjective) – unforgiving, unfeeling, uncaring, unsympathetic.
  54. untouchable (adjective) – intangible, impalpable, indefinable.
  55. tetchy (adjective) – irritable, impatient, ill-tempered; scratchy, volatile.
  56. comprehensive (adjective) – won by a large margin.
  57. invincibility (noun) – unbeatable & powerful quality.
  58. far from (phrase) – not, not at all.
  59. crack (verb) – break down, give way, cave in, crumble, collapse, lose control.


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The Hindu Editorial (Enduring greatness) – Mar 10, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (Enduring greatness) – Mar 10, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (Enduring greatness) – Mar 10, 2021

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