The Hindu Editorial (Cold comfort) – Mar 02, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (Cold comfort) – Mar 02, 2021

To Islamabad’s deep disappointment, the Paris-based 39-member Financial Action Task Force has decided once again to keep Pakistan on its “grey list” of countries under “increased monitoring”,… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Cold comfort) – Mar 02, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (Cold comfort) – Mar 02, 2021:

  1. cold comfort (phrase) – poor/slight consolation or empathy.
  2. Financial Action Task Force (FATF) (noun) – The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is the global money laundering and terrorist financing watchdog. The inter-governmental body sets international standards that aim to prevent these illegal activities and the harm they cause to society.
  3. blacklist (noun) – a list of countries that the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) judges to be non-cooperative in the global fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.
  4. address (verb) – tackle, deal with, attend to, try to sort out.
  5. cross-border (adjective) – across a border between two countries.
  6. grey/watch list (noun) – a list of countries on observation due to their “strategic deficiencies” in countering terror-financing and money-laundering. The countries put on the grey/watch list by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) will be subjected to direct monitoring and intense scrutiny by the International Co-operation Review Group (ICRG) on terror financing.
  7. notably (adverb) – especially, particularly, strikingly, markedly.
  8. curb (verb) – control, contain, restrict, limit.
  9. demonstrate (verb) – show, prove, validate, confirm.
  10. prosecution (noun) – legal actionlegal proceeding, legal case.
  11. dissuasive (adjective) – deterring, warning, discouraging, dissuading, cautionary.
  12. sanction (noun) – embargo, ban, prohibition.
  13. designated (adjective) – identified, recognized, classified.
  14. UN Security Council (UNSC) (noun) – it is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations, charged with ensuring international peace and security.
  15. belong to (verb) – be affiliated to, be associated with, be connected to, be linked to.
  16. vociferously (adverb) – loud & forcefully.
  17. The Hague (proper noun) – a metonym of “The International Court of Justice” (The Hague is a city on the western coast of the Netherlands on the North Sea, the administrative and royal capital of the Netherlands). (Metonym is used as an alternative for something else with which it is closely related/associated).
  18. given (preposition) – considering, taking into account, bearing in mind.
  19. drop (verb) – exclude, discard, expel, oust, get rid of.
  20. rule out (phrasal verb) – eliminate, reject, dismiss.
  21. downgrade (verb) – lower in status/rank/importance, demote.
  22. make progress (phrase) – move forward, make strides; proceed, advance, improve.
  23. contemplate (verb) – think about, consider, regard.
  24. sanctions (noun) – action taken, or an order given to force a country to obey international laws by limiting or stopping trade with that country, by not allowing economic aid for that country, etc (Courtesy: VOA Learning English).
  25. coincide with (verb) – coexist, concur, happen together.
  26. thaw (noun) – an increase in friendliness.
  27. observe (verb) – follow, comply with, abide by, obey, adhere to, conform to. 
  28. ceasefire (noun) – a negotiated agreement that will be accompanied by other associated commitments to de-escalate the fighting; a temporary stoppage of war, truce, armistice.
  29. Line of Control (LoC) (noun) – it is a 450 mile-long military control line lying between India and Pakistan’s controlled parts of the former (under the British) Jammu and Kashmir. This line is not actually a legally recognized international boundary but prevails as per de facto. After the Simla Agreement signed in July 1972, this line was officially renamed as “Line of Control” from “the Cease-fire Line”.
  30. revelation (noun) – disclosure, communication, announcement, report; a surprising fact, declaration, utterance.
  31. contradict (verb) – oppose, argue against, conflict with.
  32. in touch (phrase) – in contact, communication, connection.
  33. lead to (verb) – result in, cause, bring on, call forth, give rise to.
  34. dialogue (noun) – discussion, conversation, talk, exchange of views, discourse.
  35. on the cards (phrase) – likely, possible, expected, in the offing.
  36. ties (noun) – bond, connection, association, relationship.
  37. prosecute (verb) – take to court, bring an action against, accuse, charge.
  38. in someone’s interests (phrase) – to the advantage of, for the sake of, for the benefit of.
  39. engagement (noun) – participation, taking part, involvement.
  40. traverse (verb) – go across, cut across, pass over.
  41. last mile (noun) – the last stage in the process.
  42. grievance (noun) – complaint, criticism, problem, objection/protest.
  43. emanate from (verb) – arise from, originate from, stem from.
  44. soil (noun) – territory.


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The Hindu Editorial (Cold comfort) – Mar 02, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (Cold comfort) – Mar 02, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (Cold comfort) – Mar 02, 2021

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