The Hindu Editorial (Character challenge) – May 25, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (Character challenge) – May 25, 2021

The Government of India’s directive to microblogging platform Twitter that it remove the label ‘manipulated media’ from certain posts shared by functionaries of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP),… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Character challenge) – May 25, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (Character challenge) – May 25, 2021:

  1. character (noun) – status, position, image, reputation, credibility, prestige.
  2. directive (noun) – instruction, direction, order, demand.
  3. manipulated (adjective) – misrepresented, falsified, distorted.
  4. manipulated media (noun) – As per Twitter’s policy, content may be labelled/tagged as ‘manipulated media’ or in some cases removed, if the company has a reason to believe that media (videos, audio, and images), or the context in which media are presented, are “significantly and deceptively altered or manipulated”.
  5. tag (noun) – label.
  6. microblogging (noun) – it refers to the act of creating concise posts for short audience interactions, often on common microblogging platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr. In addition to text, a post on a microblog can include links, audio, images, and even video.
  7. functionary (noun) – official, representative, agent, especially in a government or political party.
  8. not have a leg to stand on (phrase) – do not have facts to support one’s argument/actions.
  9. go to any lengths (phrase) – to do whatever/anything possible to complete a task (and achieve a goal).
  10. empower (verb) – authorize, entitle, permit, allow.
  11. tarnish (verb) – spoil, ruin, damage, defame.
  12. opponent (noun) – rival, nemesis, combatant, competitor.
  13. misinform (verb) – mislead, misguide, give wrong information to.
  14. toolkit (noun) – a document containing a set of details/resources/guidelines/suggestions/various urgent action items about something in order to get it done.
  15. disparage (verb) – belittle, underrate, downgrade; speak ill of, speak badly of, criticize, condemn, vilify.
  16. forge (verb) – fake, falsify, counterfeit, copy fraudulently.
  17. forged (adjective) – fake.
  18. indeed (adverb) – in fact, actually, undeniably.
  19. opportunity cost (noun) – It refers to the price/cost/value of the next best thing you could have done had you not made your first choice.
  20. Central Vista (noun) – it is a grand redevelopment project for building what will be the power corridor of India, having a new Parliament building, a common central secretariat, and revamped three-km-long Rajpath, from the Rashtrapati Bhavan to the India Gate.
  21. digital footprint (noun) – a trail of data/information that’s created – intentionally and unintentionally – through your activities and communication online. The impression you create on the internet through your online activity, which includes browsing, interactions with others, and publication of content.
  22. supposedly (adverb) – apparently, seemingly, ostensibly.
  23. course of action (phrase) – plan of action, action/step, procedure.
  24. catalogue (verb) – archive, record, register.
  25. propagandist (noun) – advocate, champion, supporter, proponent, campaigner.
  26. lead to (verb) – result in, cause, bring about, call forth, give rise to, produce.
  27. bully (verb) – intimidate, persecute, oppress, browbeat.
  28. mob (noun) – a large, disorganized, and often violent crowd of people.
  29. comply with (verb) – abide by, adhere to, conform to, follow.
  30. handle (noun) – a “username” used on social media that begins with the “@” symbol.
  31. reasoning (noun) – reason, rationale, argument, premise.
  32. in the absence of (phrase) – without.
  33. provision (noun) – clause, (legal) term, stipulation, requirement, condition.
  34. cite (verb) – refer to, mention, make reference to.
  35. baffle (verb) – perplex, puzzle, bewilder, mystify.
  36. prejudged (adjective) – anticipated, judged prematurely.
  37. prejudiced (adjective) – biased, discriminatory, partisan, one-sided.
  38. deliberate (adjective) – intentional, planned, conscious, purposeful.
  39. colour (verb) – influence, affect, bias, prejudice.
  40. metric (noun) – a system/standard.
  41. concur (verb) – permit, consent to, agree to, allow, assent to.
  42. publicise (verb) – bring to public notice, announce, communicate, disseminate, circulate.
  43. deceptively (adverb) – deceitfully, fraudulently, ambiguously.
  44. fabricate (verb) – forge, falsify, fake.
  45. mechanism (noun) – procedure, process, method, technique.
  46. determination (noun) – decision, settlement, choice.
  47. entity (noun) – organization, institution, establishment, outfit.
  48. Information Technology Act (noun) – it is an Act of the Indian Parliament notified on 17 October 2000. It is the primary law in India dealing with cybercrime and electronic commerce.
  49. regulate (verb) – control, oversee, administer something (by using rules and regulations).
  50. additionally (adverb) – besides, moreover, further, as well.
  51. regarding (preposition) – concerning, with regard to, with respect to.
  52. arbitrary (adjective) – whimsical, capriciousrandom, casual; tyrannical, autocratic, dictatorial, authoritarian, draconian, anti-democratic.
  53. censorship (noun) – the suppression of speech, public communication, or other information, on the basis that such material is considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or inconvenient.
  54. transparency (noun) – clarity, straightforwardness, openness, honesty, unambiguity.
  55. desperation (noun) – recklessness, riskiness, audacity, boldness; hopelessness, despair, distress.
  56. embarrass (verb) – shame, humiliate, discomfit.
  57. rather than (phrase) – instead of.
  58. intimidate (verb) – frighten, threaten, overawe, browbeat.
  59. discipline (verb) – train someone to do something in a controlled way.
  60. civility (noun) – politeness, good manners, consideration, respect.
  61. engagement (noun) – participation, taking part, involvement.
  62. critic (noun) – censurer, attacker, fault-finder.


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The Hindu Editorial (Character challenge) – May 25, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (Character challenge) – May 25, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (Character challenge) – May 25, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (Character challenge) – May 25, 2021

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