The Hindu Editorial (Cash is still king) – Apr 19, 2018

The Hindu Editorial (Cash is still king) – Apr 19, 2018

Nearly 18 months after the government’s decision to scrap currency notes of ₹500 and ₹1,000, which accounted for over 86% of the currency in circulation at the time, large parts of India are in the….. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Cash is still king) – Apr 19, 2018.

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Today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Cash is still king) – Apr 19, 2018.  

  1. cash crunch (noun) – severe shortage (of money).
  2. scrap (verb) – eliminate/discard, remove, withdraw.
  3. in the throes of (phrase) – struggling with, grappling with, in the middle of.
  4. belatedly (adverb) – later than expected; tardily.
  5. fortnight (noun) – a period of two weeks.
  6. manifestation (noun) – display, indication, evidence.
  7. spurt (noun) – a sudden burst, increase of activity.
  8. dispense (verb) – allot, distribute, disburse/supply.
  9. reluctant (adjective) – unwilling, disinclined, opposed.
  10. assert (verb) – declare, state/announce, claim.
  11. lie (in) (verb) – consist, exist, be present.
  12. reserves (noun) – banks; funds kept available by a bank/government.
  13. vault (noun) – safe room in a bank, repository/depository, treasury.
  14. ramp up (phrasal verb) – increase, rise.
  15. replenish (verb) – refill, restore, fill up (again).
  16. abound (verb) – increase/escalate rapidly, be numerous, flourish/mushroom quickly.
  17. bailout (verb) – providing financial help/support by the outside investors to a bank/institution which faces serious financial difficulty. bail-in (noun) – a way of helping a bank or other institution in financial difficulty, in which people/creditors of the bank to bear some of the burden by cancelling a part of the debt they are owed.
  18. stressed banks (verb) – banks with more “stressed assets”(non-performing assets, restructured loans and written-off assets) & poor financial health.
  19. genesis (noun) – origin/source, beginning, emergence.
  20. big-bang (adjective) – relating to the introduction major changes in something (economic situation).
  21. gambit (noun) – strategy, plan/scheme, course of action (to gain an advantage).
  22. hoard (verb) – accumulate/amass, store up, stockpile.
  23. junk (verb) – throw away, discard, abandon.
  24. recalibration (noun) –  a process of servicing/maintaining/repairing instrument or device.
  25. weed out (phrasal verb) – isolate, separate out/remove, set apart/segregate.
  26. perpetuating (adjective) – prolonged, continuous, sustaining.
  27. heuristic (adjective) – informative, instructional, explanatory/telling.
  28. preceding (adjective) – old, previous, prior/earlier.
  29. overnight (adverb) – immediately, very quickly, instantly.
  30. haunt (verb) – disturb, trouble, torture.

Today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Cash is still king) – Apr 19, 2018.

The Hindu Editorial (Cash is still king) - Apr 19, 2018


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