The Hindu Editorial (Better late) – Apr 03, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (Better late) – Apr 03, 2021

Rajinikanth, the reigning demigod of Tamil filmdom, richly deserves the Dadasaheb Phalke award, Indian cinema’s highest recognition, bestowed by the jury this year. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Better late) – Apr 03, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (Better late) – Apr 03, 2021:

  1. deserve (verb) – be qualified for, be worthy of, justify.
  2. suspect (adjective) – not quite right, suspicious, dubious, questionable, doubtful.
  3. reigning (adjective) – prevailing, existing, present/current.
  4. demigod (noun) – someone who is greatly admired or respected.
  5. filmdom (noun) – the film industry.
  6. richly (adverb) – fully, thoroughly, completely, totally, entirely, absolutely, perfectly.
  7. recognition (noun) – reward, honour, appreciation, acclaim, gratitude for an achievement.
  8. bestow (on) (verb) – give, present, contribute, confer on.
  9. jury (noun) – a group of people appointed to judge a competition; council, board, commission.
  10. parallel (noun) – similarity, likeness, resemblance, likeness, correlation.
  11. transition (noun) – transformation, change.
  12. worshipped (adjective) – revered, reverenced, venerated, adored, praised, glorified.
  13. heartland (noun) – the most important part of a field of activity; the central part of something.
  14. undimmed (adjective) – bright, fair.
  15. passion (noun) – enthusiasm, keen interest, fascination, appetite.
  16. sustained (adjective) – continuous, constant, steady.
  17. novelty (noun) – originality, newness, freshness.
  18. twirl (verb) – spin/turn around something quickly & repeatedly.
  19. swagger (noun) – confidence, self-assurance.
  20. hallmark (noun) – distinctive feature, indication, sure sign.
  21. injustice (noun) – wrong, unjust act, unfairness.
  22. dismiss (verb) – reject, deny, repudiate; banish, abandon, disregard, brush off, shrug off.
  23. excel (verb) – shine, be very good, be successful. 
  24. portrayal (noun) – narrative, representation, characterization, depiction.
  25. trap (verb) – get stuck, get caught.
  26. superstardom (noun) – very famous and successful status/position.
  27. don (verb) – get into.
  28. larger than life (phrase) – heroic, flamboyant, theatrical, swashbuckling.
  29. charisma (noun) – the strength of character, individuality, personality, charm, presence, attractiveness.
  30. following (noun) – a body of support, backing, patronage.
  31. motion capture (noun) – the process of recording the movement of objects or people digitally. It is a technology that blends real-life and animation, allowing you to film someone live and transfer them into computerized form.
  32. demonstrable (adjective) – proven, verifiable, clear, noticeable.
  33. body of work (noun) – amount/volume of work; output, end result.
  34. given (preposition) – considering, taking into account, bearing in mind.
  35. active (adjective) – eager, keen, enthusiastic.
  36. inclination (noun) – liking, penchant, preference, appetite, affection.
  37. foray (noun) – a brief & active attempt to get involved in a new activity/sphere.
  38. spiritual (adjective) – inner, divine, sacred.
  39. inevitable (adjective) – unavoidable, unpreventable, certain.
  40. calculated (adjective) – deliberate, pre-planned, intentional, done on purpose, purposeful. 
  41. influence (verb) – affect, have an effect on.
  42. election-bound/poll-bound (adjective) – guaranteed to have election (which is imminent/approaching).
  43. lend (verb) – give, provide, impart, contribute.
  44. make no secret of something (phrase) – say/tell something openly and clearly.
  45. hail (verb) – praise, applaud, speak highly of, welcome.
  46. scrapping (noun) – removal.
  47. recall (verb) – remember, recollect, call to mind, think of.
  48. alleged (adjective) – supposed, claimed, professed, purported.
  49. superstition (noun) – unfounded belief, myth, delusion (misconception).
  50. rally (noun) – gathering, march, meeting.
  51. back (verb) – support, endorse, uphold, champion.
  52. Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) (noun) – The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019 seeks to grant citizenship to religious minorities of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, who had to flee their homeland facing persecution. The six minority groups that have been specifically identified are Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, and Parsis.
  53. to be fair (phrase) – used for making your criticism less forceful.
  54. dynasty (noun) – a family, bloodline; line of rulers.
  55. a legion of (noun) – a large number of people; a host of.
  56. untested (adjective) – new, unconventional, unusual, different.
  57. put off (phrasal verb) – postpone, delay, defer, hold off.
  58. unconditionally (adverb) – without conditions/limits.
  59. recipient (noun) – beneficiary, receiver.
  60. disservice (noun) – disfavour, injustice, hurt, damage.


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The Hindu Editorial (Better late) – Apr 03, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (Better late) – Apr 03, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (Better late) – Apr 03, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (Better late) – Apr 03, 2021

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