The Hindu Editorial (Assam brew) – May 14, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (Assam brew) – May 14, 2021

The transfer of power in Assam, from Sarbananda Sonowal to Himanta Biswa Sarma was a smooth affair albeit mediated by the Bharatiya Janata Party’s central leadership. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Assam brew) – May 14, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (Assam brew) – May 14, 2021:

  1. brew (noun) – mixture, mix, blend, combination.
  2. evasive (adjective) – elusive, indeterminate, non-committal; unclear, puzzling, perplexing.
  3. affair (noun) – concerns, matters, activities, events (of public interest).
  4. albeit (conjunction) – though, even though, however.
  5. mediate (verb) – resolve, settle; negotiate, bring about, effect.
  6. strategist (noun) – someone skilled in planning action/policy (especially in politics/war).
  7. troubleshooter (noun) – a person who solves problems (in an organisation).
  8. unsustainable (adjective) – undefendable, unjustifiable, unacceptable, illogical, irrational.
  9. keep away from (phrasal verb) – make someone stay away from.
  10. any longer (phrase) – anymore, at present.
  11. walk out (phrasal verb) – depart, get out, leave suddenly; desert, abandon.
  12. face (noun) – person.
  13. champion (noun) – advocate, proponent, promoter, supporter.
  14. pluralism (noun) – (of people) the practice exists in harmony irrespective of various differences.
  15. strident (adjective) – in an excessively forceful way; high-pitched, loud & harsh.  
  16. polarising (adjective) – dividing, separating, parting.
  17. consecutive (adjective) – successive, continuous.
  18. on the back of (phrase) – as a result of, because of, due to, owing to.
  19. consolidation (noun) – the process of combining a number of things into a single more effective one; unification.
  20. sweep through (verb) – engulf, overwhelm, surge over, flow across.
  21. autonomous (adjective) – self-governing, independent, self-ruling, self-determining.
  22. welfare (noun) – a government program that provides (financial) assistance to individuals and families in need; social security, public assistance.
  23. constituent (noun) – voter, elector, member of a contitituency.
  24. base (noun) – a group of people considered as supporting a (political) party.
  25. with regard to (phrase) – regarding, concerning, with respect to, in respect of, with reference to.
  26. regime (noun) – system, arrangement, apparatus, mechanism.
  27. legislate (verb) – cause something by making/enacting laws.
  28. move (verb) – apply formally to (a court) for something.
  29. National Register of Citizens (NRC) (noun) – It is a register that includes demographic information about all those individuals who qualify as citizens of India as per the Citizenship Act, 1955.
  30. allege (verb) – claim, accuse, charge.
  31. irregularity (noun) – impropriety, incorrectness, wrongdoing, misconduct, illegitimacy.
  32. making (noun) – creation, creating, formation, composition.
  33. pray (verb) – invoke, call on, implore, appeal to, entreat.
  34. roll (noun) – list, register, directory, record, file.
  35. discrepancy (noun) – difference, variance, contradiction, incompatibility.
  36. Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) (noun) – The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019 seeks to grant citizenship to religious minorities of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, who had to flee their homeland facing persecution. The six minority groups that have been specifically identified are Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, and Parsis.
  37. nationalist (noun) – loyalist, patriot.
  38. floodgate (noun) – something which is restraining/holding back/stifling an outflow of something else.
  39. open the floodgates (phrase) – to make something easier for a lot of things to happen (or) to make it possible for a lot of people to start doing something that was not permitted previously.
  40. besides (preposition/linking adverb) – in addition to, as well, apart from.
  41. strategy (noun) – plan of action (in order to achieve a more expansive set of political, economic, and security interests).
  42. disingenuous (adjective) – dishonest, deceitful, double-dealing.
  43. be riding a tiger (phrase) – used to refer to a difficult action which has already begun, is something tough to stop safely & abruptly in midway.
  44. mandate (noun) – approval, acceptance, endorsement, authority (given by a constituency to someone acting as its representative).
  45. compassion (noun) – sympathy, feeling, empathy, consideration, humanity.
  46. realism (noun) – pragmatism, practicality, matter-of-factness.


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The Hindu Editorial (Assam brew) – May 14, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (Assam brew) – May 14, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (Assam brew) – May 14, 2021

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