The Hindu Editorial (A deep cut) – Sep 21, 2019

The Hindu Editorial (A deep cut) – Sep 21, 2019

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman ushered in Deepavali early for Corporate India and the markets on Friday with her announcement… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (A deep cut) – Sep 21, 2019.

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Today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (A deep cut) – Sep 21, 2019:

  1. enthuse (verb) – motivate, spur/stimulate, encourage.
  2. fiscal (adjective) – financial.
  3. usher in (phrasal verb) – herald/signal, start/begin, announce/initiate.
  4. roll-back (noun) – reduction, cut/decrease, trimming.
  5. on a par with (phrase) – comparable with, equivalent to, as equal to.
  6. gusto (noun) – enthusiasm, relish, enjoyment, delight/pleasure, liking.
  7. avail (verb) – use, make use of, take advantage of, utilize.
  8. prevail (verb) – be in existence, be present, be in effect.
  9. at the low ebb (phrase) – in a weakened state.
  10. global value chains (GVC) (noun) – International production, trade and investments are increasingly organised within so-called global value chains (GVCs) where the different stages of the production process are located across different countries.
  11. trade/tariff war (noun) – a condition in which a country increase tariffs on foreign goods and impose quota restrictions to restrict other countries’ trade.
  12. long-standing (adjective) – persistent, prevailing, enduring.
  13. onus (noun) – responsibility, duty, burden.
  14. fisc (noun) – a public treasury or exchequer.
  15. revenue foregone (noun) – revenue waived off, revenue given up/renounced; the difference between revenue actually achieved and revenue that could have been achieved with the absence of incentives and tax exemptions (given as a relief to certain (corporate) sections, or to promote certain activities).
  16. ambitious (adjective) – difficult, exacting, formidable/challenging.
  17. weigh against (verb) – balance, compare.
  18. arithmetic (noun) – calculation, reckoning, tally.
  19. outlook (noun) – prospects, expectations, hopes.
  20. deficit (noun) – shortfall, deficiency, shortage.
  21. no-brainer (noun) – something which demands little/no effort mentally.
  22. as things stand (phrase) – in the present situation.
  23. bounty (noun) – contribution, grant;  a sum paid.
  24. dividend (noun) – additional benefit, gain, extra.
  25. cushion (noun) – protection, shield, defence.
  26. fiscal deficit (noun) – the difference between total expenditure and total income of the government.
  27. bridge (verb) – make a difference smaller or less significant; join, link.
  28. disinvestment (noun) – the process of reducing capital investments.
  29. bounce back (verb) – recover, revive, rebound.


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Today’s word list-1 The Hindu Editorial (A deep cut) – Sep 21, 2019:

The Hindu Editorial (A deep cut) - Sep 21, 2019

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