Superpower dreams – The Hindu (March 23, 2017)

Superpower dreams – The Hindu (March 23, 2017)

India’s rank of 131 among 188 countries on the UNDP’s Human Development Index for 2015 and its ‘medium’ performance pose the uncomfortable… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

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Word List-1:

  1. outlay (noun) – expenses, spending, disbursement.
  2. liberalisation (noun) – removal or loosening of restrictions on something, typically an economic or political system.
  3. persist (verb) – continue, remain, stay.
  4. workforce (noun) – employees, staff, personnel.
  5. bloc (noun) – association, coalition, federation.
  6. deprived (adjective) – disadvantaged, underprivileged, poverty-stricken.
  7. trap (noun) – an unpleasant situation.
  8. break free (phrasal verb) – escape.
  9. fiscal space (noun) – it is the flexibility of a government in its spending choices, and, more generally, to the financial well-being of a government (Courtesy: Wikipedia).
  10. quintile (noun) – In statistics, a quantile for the case where the sample or population is divided into fifths (Courtesy: Wikipedia).
  11. bolster (verb) – strengthen, support, reinforce.
  12. indices – plural of index (noun) – measure; guide, indication, sign.
  13. ratify (verb) – give consent (to agreement) or make agreement official; authorize, approve.
  14. lacuna (noun) – a gap/empty space; missing part of something.
  15. deficit (noun) – shortfall, deficiency, shortage.


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