Resilience reaffirmed – The Hindu (March 02, 2017)

Resilience reaffirmed – The Hindu (March 02, 2017)

The resilience of India’s economy has been reaffirmed by the latest data, with both the third-quarter and full-year growth estimates…. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

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Word List-1:

  1. resilience (noun) – strength, toughness; the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.
  2. reaffirm (verb) – assert, state, assure again strongly.
  3. belying (present participle of belie (verb)) – contradict, misrepresent, falsify.
  4. dampen (verb) – decrease, reduce, lower.
  5. suck (verb) – withdraw, remove, pull/draw/take out.
  6. aggregate (adjective) – total, whole, overall.
  7. demand shock (noun) –  it is a sudden event that increases or decreases demand for goods or services temporarily (Courtesy: Wikipedia).
  8. undergird (verb) – provide a support/basis.
  9. surge (verb) – upsurge, sudden increase, rise.
  10. stark (adjective) – clear, simple, blunt/plain.
  11. kharif crop (noun) – monsoon crops; Seeds sowing in the beginning of the monsoon and harvesting at the end of the season (oct-nov) in the South Asia.
  12. precede (verb) – foregoing, previous, prior.
  13. buck (verb) – resist, oppose, contradict.
  14. drag (noun) – hindrance, burden, inconvenience.
  15. halve (verb) – reduce by half (50%).
  16. in sync (phrase) – working well; in agreement.
  17. assertion (noun) – declaration, affirmation, announcement.
  18. understate (verb) – under emphasize, diminish, reduce.
  19. caveat (noun) – warning or caution of particular conditions/limitations/stipulations.



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