Phrase of the Day (go all out)-03JUN21

Phrase of the Day (go all out)-03JUN21

Today’s “Phrase of the Day” is “go all out” and its meaning is “use all your energy, effort, enthusiasm, strength, and/or resources to do something (successfully)”.

Example Sentence: China’s apparent demographic travails (problems) were narrated as an existential threat to the country’s economic and geopolitical future… Then came the suggestion from a high-profile former McKinsey consultant (Winston Mok) that the solution was to “go all out on pro-birth policies” by taking a “carrot and stick” approach,…

Phrase of the Day (go all out)-03JUN21

This phrase is present in The Guardian article China’s new three-child policy won’t fix its economy – but it could change lives and click here to read it.

Courtesy: The Guardian

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