Integrating technology into English language teaching – The Hindu (June 19, 2016)

Integrating technology into English language teaching – The Hindu (June 19, 2016)

Nicholas Peachey, also known as Nik Peachey, is a well known blogger, teacher trainer, learning technology consultant and author. Winner of the British Council ELTon Award for Innovation in Teacher Resources in 2016 and ELTon Award for Excellence in Course Innovation 2012, he has worked with companies such as British Council, International House and Bell Educational Service as well as ELT publishers including Macmillan, CUP, OUP and a range of tech companies including Google. In this interview, Nik answers questions related to learning technology, its impact on teaching-learning and types of training English language teachers need, among others. To read the interview, visit “The Hindu”

Courtesy: The Hindu.

Today’s Words: 

  1. Pedagogical (adjective) – relating to teaching.
  2. Devoid of (adjective) – not having (something), without (something), lacking of (something).
  3. Hypothetical (adjective) – speculative, imagined, unreal, supposed, not real.
  4. Hands-on (adjective) – doing/involved in something physically (to gain something).
  5. Learner autonomy – The term “learner autonomy” was first coined in 1981 by Henri Holec, the “father” of learner autonomy. He defined that “Autonomy is the ability to take charge of one’s own learning”.
  6. Indoctrination (noun) – the process in which a person/group is thought/imbued some particular beliefs, opinions, ideas only.
  7. Envisage (verb) – imagine, foresee, contemplate, anticipate.
  8. Empower (verb) – authorize, enable, make someone confident, make stronger.
  9. Prescribe (verb) – stipulate, dictate, order, command.


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  • Synonyms provided for the words above are my personal work and not that of Oxford University Press.

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