A golden hue – The Hindu Apr 16, 2018 

A golden hue – The Hindu Apr 16, 2018

The Olympics has a global allure and the Asian Games basks in its continental spread. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

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Today’s Word List-2  

  1. hue (noun) – character, aspect, appearance.
  2. allure (noun) – attraction, glamour, temptation.
  3. bask in (phrasal verb – revel in, take pleasure, rejoice.
  4. continental (adjective) –  belonging to a continent.
  5. unflattering (adjective) – unfavourable, unattractive, critical.
  6. vestige (noun) – indication, sign, trace/mark.
  7. relevance (noun) – the quality of being relevant/closely connected/appropriate.
  8. stepping stone (noun) – an event which helps a person to make progress in order to achieve his/her ultimate ambition.
  9. underline (verb) – emphasize, highlight, focus.
  10. fortnight (noun) – a period of two weeks.
  11. splendid (adjective) – excellent, marvellous, superb.
  12. clinch (verb) – win, achieve success in, triumph.
  13. unprecedented (adjective) – not done or experienced before.
  14. sweep (noun) – an instance of winning every place/contest.
  15. take a beating (phrase) – suffer damage/hurt.
  16. pack (someone) off (phrasal verb) – send off, dispatch, dismiss.
  17. no needle policy (noun) – Needles must not be used at the Games as part of the fight against doping. Athletes must have a specific medical exemption to have needles for treatment of injury, illness or other medical conditions.
  18. aberration (noun) – discrepancy, deviation/departure, mistake.
  19. unaddressed (adjective) – unnoticed, not considered, concealed.
  20. over-optimistic (adjective) – unrealistic, naive, foolish/absurd.
  21. haul (noun) – the number of medals a person won in a sport/game over a period.
  22. hold a mirror up to (phrase) – (figurative meaning) examine (the nature of something more closely).
  23. reflection (noun) – indication, display, proof/evidence. 

Today’s Word List-2

A golden hue - The Hindu Apr 16, 2018 - Editorial Words


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