The Hindu Editorial (Pushing boundaries) – Feb 27, 2019

The Hindu Editorial (Pushing boundaries) – Feb 27, 2019

The Indian Air Force’s strike on a Jaish-e-Mohammad terror training camp in Pakistan’s Balakot delivers a robust but calibrated message. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Pushing boundaries) – Feb 27, 2019.

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Today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Pushing boundaries) – Feb 27, 2019:

  1. robust (adjective) – powerful, strong, vigorous.
  2. restrain (verb) – control, check/restrict, prevent/stop/curb.
  3. calibrated (adjective) – carefully assessed, carefully regulated, carefully adjusted.
  4. manifest (adjective) – clear/obvious, apparent, evident.
  5. utterance (noun) – statement, expression, pronouncement/remark.
  6. pre-emptive (adjective) – preventive, precautionary, protective.
  7. imminent (adjective) – impending, approaching, on the way/about to happen.
  8. personnel (noun) – employees, staff, workforce.
  9. casualty (noun) – victim, fatality, dead and injured.
  10. exhaust (verb) – use up, go through, finish.
  11. there is no denying (phrase) – it is undoubtedly true.
  12. draw a red line (phrase) – red lines are about deterrence. The point of drawing a red line is to signal a strong, if the line were crossed, severe consequences would ensue (happen/occur).
  13. recrimination (noun) – accusation, counter-charge, counterattack.
  14. retaliatory (adjective) – termed as a revenge against someone.
  15. set back (phrase) – check, obstruct, thwart.
  16. tolerance (noun) – forbearance, toleration, sufferance.
  17. call for (phrasal verb) – require, necessitate, need/demand.
  18. fora (noun) – plural form of forum.
  19. oversee (verb) – supervise, administer, manage.
  20. on the ground (phrase) – in a situation/place where things are happening really/practically.
  21. obviate (verb) – avoid, prevent, eliminate.
  22. escalate (verb) – heighten, intensify, magnify.
  23. triumphalism (noun) – an attitude or a belief that a particular doctrine, religion, culture, social system is superior to and should triumph all over others.
  24. cloud (verb) – confuse, muddle; ruin/upset.
  25. surgical strike (noun) – the military attack aimed to cause damage on a particular target with small/no collateral damage to surroundings.
  26. duly (adverb) – properly, correctly; punctually.
  27. reach out (phrasal verb) – contact someone for help/assistance/cooperation.
  28. bear the brunt (phrase) – to suffer or endure the worst part of something (force/burden/pressure) when a very bad or unpleasant thing happens.
  29. jingoism (noun) – extreme/blind patriotism, xenophobia/chauvinism, extreme nationalism.
  30. unleash (verb) – let loose, release, set free.
  31. intelligence (noun) – (military &political) information, data, details.
  32. deterrent (adjective) – relating to something which is aimed/intended to deter (stop/prevent) something else.


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Today’s word list-1 The Hindu Editorial (Pushing boundaries) – Feb 27, 2019:

The Hindu Editorial (Pushing boundaries) - Feb 27, 2019

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