The Hindu Editorial (A curious bid) – Feb 12, 2019

The Hindu Editorial (A curious bid) – Feb 12, 2019

The rather unusual move by a member of Thailand’s royal family to announce a bid for the office of Prime Minister has ignited greater interest in the country’s general election. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (A curious bid) – Feb 12, 2019.

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Today’s word list-2 The Hindu Editorial (A curious bid) – Feb 12, 2019:

  1. curious (adjective) – strange/unusual, unconventional, surprising.
  2. bid (noun) – attempt, effort, endeavour/try.
  3. ignite (verb) – arouse, kindle, trigger.
  4. subsequently (adverb) – afterwards, later on, eventually.
  5. prospect (noun) – thought, idea, undertaking.
  6. credible (adjective) – convincing, acceptable; reasonable/valid.
  7. coup (verb) – seizure of power, deposition; rebellion.
  8. depose (verb) – topple/bring down, dethrone/unseat, remove from office.
  9. leaning (noun) – inclination, tendency, penchant/predisposition.
  10. ratify (verb) – confirm, approve, sanction/endorse.
  11. referendum (noun) – public vote; a direct vote in which people cast ballots to decide on a specific issue or policy (Courtesy: VOA Learning English).
  12. promulgation (noun) –  enactment, implementation, enforcement.
  13. withhold (verb) – stop, desist/abstain, hold back.
  14. provision (noun) – term, clause, requirement/condition.
  15. overdue (adjective) – delayed, belated, outstanding.
  16. defer (verb) – delay, postpone, put off.
  17. silence (verb) – muffle, suppress, reduce/stop.
  18. fray (noun) – battle, fight, contest/competition.
  19. exile (verb) – expel, banish, expatriate/deport.
  20. tycoon (noun) – magnate, mogul, big businessman/businesswoman, baron (an important/powerful (business) person).
  21. elite (noun) – high society people; the group of most powerful people in a society.
  22. evict (verb) – expel, eject, oust/remove.
  23. hold sway (phrase) – be in power/control, rule.
  24. predominantly (adverb) – mainly, mostly, commonly.
  25. electorate (noun) – all the people who entitled to vote in an election.
  26. dent (verb) – diminish, reduce/lessen, erode/weaken.
  27. proxy (noun) – representative figure for something/someone (original).
  28. determinant (noun) – factor, issue, concern.
  29. relinquish (verb) – renounce, give up, abandon/stand down.
  30. keenly (adverb) – eagerly, tensely, enthusiastically.
  31. pre-eminent (adjective) – important, distinguished, prominent.


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Today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (A curious bid) – Feb 12, 2019:

The Hindu Editorial (A curious bid) - Feb 12, 2019

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