The Hindu Editorial (Writer Philip Roth: Everyman) – May 24, 2018

The Hindu Editorial (Writer Philip Roth: Everyman) – May 24, 2018

hilip Roth, who has died at 85, was a titan of post-War literature — by some assessments, the greatest of his generation. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Writer Philip Roth: Everyman) – May 24, 2018.

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Today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Writer Philip Roth: Everyman) – May 24, 2018: 

  1. unflinching (adjective) – resolute, determined, single-minded.
  2. depiction (noun) – portrayal, representation, presentation.
  3. titan (noun) – an extremely important, powerful & strong person.
  4. chronicle (verb) – record, document, register.
  5. flawed (adjective) – having weakness, lowness defectiveness (in character).
  6. predicament (noun) – difficult situation, difficulty/issue, trouble.
  7. betrayal (noun) – disloyalty, bad faith, falseness.
  8. alienation (noun) – isolation, detachment, estrangement/separation.
  9. let go (phrase) – relinquish, release, remove.
  10. inhibition (noun) – shyness, wariness, hesitancy/apprehension.
  11. oeuvre (noun) – work of art, achievement, masterpiece.
  12. steep in (phrasal verb) – imbue with, fill with, infuse with.
  13. acerbic (adjective) – sharp, bitter, stinging.
  14. trilogy (noun) – a group of three related novels (or something else such as. films, stories etc).
  15. resurgence (noun) – revival, re-emergence, rejuvenation.
  16. critique (verb) –  evaluation/assess, write about, investigate.
  17. lead-up (noun) – circumstances, conditions, situation.
  18. narrative arc (noun) – (in a novel/film/play) the development of the main theme.
  19. alter_ego (noun) – equivalent, peer, fellow.
  20. facet (noun) – aspect, feature, characteristic.
  21. maleness (noun) – muscularity, toughness, boldness.
  22. enrage (verb) – make someone angry, provoke, incite.
  23. epidemic (noun) – outbreak; a situation in which a disease spreads quickly and affects many people (Courtesy: VOA Learning English).
  24. forte (noun) – strength, strong point, speciality.
  25. protagonist (noun) – main character, chief participant, mainstay.
  26. antagonistic (adjective) – aggressive, belligerent, argumentative.
  27. libidinous (adjective) – lustful, lewd, erotic/sexual. 
  28. divisive (adjective) – isolating/separating, dividing; disharmonious.
  29. supremacist (adjective) – relating to someone supporting the supremacy of a particular group, especially a racial group.
  30. eerie (adjective) – strange, uncanny, unnatural/unearthly.
  31. foreboding (noun) – apprehension, anxiety; suspicion.

Today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Writer Philip Roth: Everyman) – May 24, 2018:

The Hindu Editorial (Writer Philip Roth: Everyman) - May 24, 2018Note:   

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