Word List-2-Learn English-Improve Vocabulary (Billed for change – The Hindu Mar 31 2018)

Today’s Word List-2-Learn English-Improve Vocabulary.

Billed for change – The Hindu Mar 31 2018

The Union Cabinet this week approved six out of the dozens of changes to the contentious National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill that were suggested by a Parliamentary Standing Committee earlier this month. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

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Today’s Word List-2 To Learn English And To Improve Vocabulary:

  1. contentious (adjective) – controversial, debatable, disputed.
  2. bridge course (noun) – a course could give you a second chance to pursue your first career choice like dental BDS graduates, alternative-medicine (homeopathy, ayurveda & etc) graduates to become MBBS doctors/ to prescribe modern medicines (to address shortage of doctors).
  3. axe (verb) – cancel, withdraw, abandon/terminate.
  4. appellate (adjective) – (of a court) dealing with cases on appeal to review the decision of a lower court.
  5.  aggrieve (verb) – oppress, treat unfairly, distress/upset.
  6. bat for (verb) – support, help, aid.
  7. gesture (noun) – action, deed; sign/indication.
  8. please (verb) – satisfy, gratify, make someone feel good.
  9. vastness (noun) – hugeness, immensity, enormity/magnitude.
  10. go far (phrase) –  succeed, prosper, make progress.
  11. skyrocket (verb) – increase, rise, escalate.
  12. deficiency (noun) – imperfection, weakness, shortcoming.
  13. logistical (adjective) – relating to organization and planning.
  14. administer (verb) – manage, operate, regulate.
  15. obvious (adjective) – clear, apparent, evident.

Today’s Word List-2 To Learn English And To Improve Vocabulary:

Word List-2-Learn English-Improve Vocabulary-31 Mar 2018Note:   

  1. Click each one of the words above for their definition, more synonyms, pronunciation, example sentences, phrases, derivatives, origin and etc from http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/.
  2. Definitions (elementary level) & Synonyms provided for the words above are my personal work and not that of Oxford University Press. Tentative definitions/meanings are provided for study purpose only and they may vary in different context. Use it with the corresponding article published on the source (website) via the link provided. 
  3. This word list is for personal use only. Reproduction in any format and/or Commercial use of it is/are strictly prohibited.


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