The Hindu Lead Article (United colours of the ‘yellow vests’) – Dec 06, 2018

The Hindu Lead Article (United colours of the ‘yellow vests’) – Dec 06, 2018

The sight of flaming barricades and upturned cars in Paris usually sends journalists scurrying to their cliché cupboard. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s advanced word list-1 for The Hindu Lead Article (United colours of the ‘yellow vests’) – Dec 06, 2018.

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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (United colours of the ‘yellow vests’) – Dec 06, 2018:

  1. yellow vest (gilets jaunes) movement (noun) – it is a protest movement that began with demonstrations in France on Saturday, 17 November 2018. The fluorescent yellow hazard vest, that the protesting people wear, has become synonymous with the French protest over fuel prices, lower taxes, higher salaries, a better life and much more.
  2. unprecedented (adjective) – not done or experienced before.
  3. backlash (noun) – a strong negative reaction; adverse response, counteraction.
  4. scurry (verb) – hurry, rush, run.
  5. cliche (noun) – commonly used thing, stereotype, over used.
  6. storming of the Bastille (noun) – On 14 July 1789, a state fortress prison in Paris, known as the Bastille, was attacked (stormed) by an angry and aggressive mob and it marked the start of the French Revolution.
  7. Paris commune (noun) –  insurrection/revolution/rioting of Paris against the French government from March 18 to May from March 18 to May 28, 1871.
  8. akin (adjective) – similar, related, close/near.
  9. spectacle (noun) – display, show, event/scene.
  10. kernel (noun) – essential part, fundamental, basic.
  11. well worn (adjective) – hackneyed, clichéd, banal/overused/old.
  12. tedious (adjective) – dull, boring, uninteresting/unexciting.
  13. pseudo- (combining form) – false, not genuine;  seemingly, supposedly.
  14. ramification (noun) – consequence, result, outcome.
  15. blockade (noun) – barricade, barrier (obstruction of supply of essential goods and others to an area).
  16. stock-in-trade (noun) -the standard thing a person/firm uses (while dealing business).
  17. interrogation (noun) – cross-questioning, cross-examination, investigation.
  18. parallel (noun) – similarity, comparison, resemblance.
  19. awkward (adjective) – predicament, difficult situation, quandary/dilemma.
  20. capitalism (noun) – private/free enterprise, private ownership.
  21. dispersion (noun) – action/organize of distributing things.
  22. reading (noun) – understanding, account, analysis.
  23. double bind (noun) – predicament, awkward situation, quandary/dilemma.
  24. obsessive (adjective) – excessive, gripping,  inescapable.
  25. vandalism (noun) – harm, injury, destruction/vandalization.
  26. exacerbate (verb) – aggravate, make worse/worsen, compound.
  27. imperious (adjective) – arrogant, commanding/dominating, authoritarian.
  28. avowedly (adverb) – openly, stated/admitted publicly.
  29. statist (adjective) – relating to a political system in which the society is controlled by the government and the government has more control over social and economic policies.
  30. hyper-presidentialism (noun) – it occurs when elected presidents try to take the law into their hands, ignore constitutional limits, supersede the Congress and the courts, and use every possible trick to prolong their stay in office (Courtesy: huffingtonpost)
  31. fondness (noun) – love/affection, care, endearment.
  32. stoke (verb) – incite, encourage, fuel.
  33. ill-fated (adjective) – doomed, unfortunate, unlucky.
  34. redress (noun) – compensation, reparation/restitution, remedy.
  35. abhor (verb) – hate, dislike, loathe.
  36. paradox (noun) – self-contradiction, inconsistency, incongruity.
  37. pedigree (noun) – descent, origin, ancestry.
  38. austerity (noun) –  difficult economic crisis/financial distress. It is a political-economic term referring to policies that aim to reduce government budget deficits through spending cuts, tax increases, or a combination of both.
  39. overreach (noun) – an act of trying to do too much.
  40. standstill (noun) – stop, impasse, stand-off.
  41. pathology (noun) – (of social) abnormality/deviation/malfunction.
  42. peri-urban (adjective) – also called rurban space (blend of rural and urban), outskirts; relating to an area immediately next to a city (especially in Africa).
  43. catalyst (noun) – stimulus, motivation, fillip/encouragement.
  44. bleak (adjective) – unpromising, unfavourable, disadvantageous.
  45. peter out (verb) – diminish, finish, dwindle.
  46. capitalise on (verb) – take advantage of, exploit, benefit from.
  47. spiralling (adjective) – relating to the process of increase/decrease of something.
  48. depoliticisation (noun) – a state of removing/changing something which is not at all influenced/controlled by politics.


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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (United colours of the ‘yellow vests’) – Dec 06, 2018:

The Hindu Lead Article (United colours of the ‘yellow vests’) – Dec 06, 2018 The Hindu Lead Article (United colours of the ‘yellow vests’) – Dec 06, 2018

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