The Hindu Lead Article (Pieces of a scattered mandate) – May 16, 2018

The Hindu Lead Article (Pieces of a scattered mandate) – May 16, 2018

There are some trends that stand out in Karnataka’s 2018 Assembly elections. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s advanced word list-1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Pieces of a scattered mandate) – May 16, 2018.

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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Pieces of a scattered mandate) – May 16, 2018:

  1. cartography (noun) – the science or art of making or drawing maps.
  2. hold on to (phrasal verb) – keep possession of, retain ownership of, not give away.
  3. concede (verb) – yield, give up, relinquish.
  4. hold out (phrasal verb) – remain, continue; withstand/resist.
  5. equipoise (verb) – counterbalance, neutralize, counterpoise.
  6. hitherto (adverb) – previously, earlier, so/thus far.
  7. make inroads (noun) – conquer, win, gain.
  8. whittle down (verb) – reduce, cut down, decrease.
  9. rally (verb) – bring together, combine, unite.
  10. inflict (verb) – cause, administer to; impose.
  11. nurse (verb) – foster, encourage, nurture.
  12. grievance (noun) – complaint, criticism, objection/protest.
  13. accrue (verb) – accumulate, collect, gather.
  14. embrace (verb) – accept, approve, adopt.
  15. undercut (verb) – undermine, weaken, damage
  16. loss of face (phrase) – humiliation, vexation, embarrassment.
  17. genie (noun) – a guardian, protective or magical spirit; an all-powerful spirit (a “jinni”) residing in a magical oil lamp of Aladdin.
  18. consolidate (verb) – strengthen, secure, reinforce/fortify.
  19. self-conceit (noun) – excessive pride in oneself.
  20. salvific (adjective) – relating to someone who has the power of saving/helping others.
  21. smart (verb) – feel annoyed, feel upset, feel hurt.
  22. assertion (noun) – defence, upholding.
  23. watch (noun) – stint, spell, turn.
  24. finesse (noun) – tactfulness, delicacy, discretion.
  25. cleavage (noun) – separation, rupture, fragmentation.
  26. takeaway (noun) – a key point/idea/fact (to be remembered).
  27. solidarity (noun) – unity, mutual support, cooperation.
  28. secularism (noun) – the belief that religion should not have a strong influence in education or other public parts of society.
  29. inauthentic (adjective) – unconvincing, unbelievable, incredible.
  30. retrieve (verb) – restore, resolve; recover/regain.
  31. populist (adjective) – related to politicians who claim that they are representing the common/ordinary people.
  32. plank (noun) – a fundamental point.
  33. wield (verb) – hold, be possessed of, exercise/exert.
  34. restiveness (noun) – restlessness, uneasiness, out of control.
  35. hierarchy (noun) – ranking, grading; class system.
  36. to the fore (phrase) – predominant, most important, leading position.
  37. proverbial (adjective) – well known, famous, famed.
  38. niche (adjective) – ideal/suitable position/place.
  39. strike a chord (phrase) – cause/arouse someone to feel emotion/sympathy.
  40. disarray (noun) – disorder, chaos, disorganization.
  41. forge (verb) – build, form, create.
  42. have an axe to grind (phrase) – have selfish/personal reason for doing something.
  43. supplement (verb) – augment, boost, increase.
  44. prudence (noun) – insight, perception, judgement.
  45. on the ground (phrase) – in a situation/place where things are happening really/practically.
  46. invoke (verb) – cite, refer to, adduce; bring forth.
  47. twilight (noun) – final years or final stage of something (career/job).
  48. sortie (noun) – trip, journey.
  49. plural (adjective) – diverse
  50. legacy (noun) – tradition, inheritance, bequest/heritage.

Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Pieces of a scattered mandate) – May 16, 2018:

Hindu Lead Article Hindu Lead Article


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