The Hindu Lead Article (Independence and accountability) – Nov 09, 2018

The Hindu Lead Article (Independence and accountability) – Nov 09, 2018

Far from achieving a desirable ‘monetary-fiscal coordination’ in India today, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the government give the impression that they are not on the same page even as far as an understanding of their roles is concerned. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s advanced word list-1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Independence and accountability) – Nov 09, 2018.

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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Independence and accountability) – Nov 09, 2018:

  1. inflation targeting (noun) – a monetary policy strategy used by central banks (by making “target” inflation rate publicly) for maintaining prices at a certain level or within a specific range.
  2. on the same page (phrase) – in agreement.
  3. old-fashioned (adjective) – old-time, ancient, outdated/outmoded.
  4. rationalise (verb) – streamline, make more efficient, hone/simplify.
  5. make sense (phrase) – be accepted, be credible, hold up.
  6. germinate (verb) – evolve, develop, grow,
  7. unconstrained (adjective) – uncontrolled, unrestricted, unlimited.
  8. inflation (noun) – Increase of price level of goods & services & vice versa decrease of currency value.
  9. concede (verb) – admit, acknowledge, accept,/allow.
  10. interlocutor (noun) – a person who takes part in a dialogue or conversation.
  11. exceptionalism (noun) – the state of being special, exceptional or unique.
  12. Federal Reserve (US) (noun) – the central banking system of the United States (The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is India’s central banking institution).
  13. trade-off (noun) – a situation in which you must choose between or balance two things that are opposite or cannot be had at the same time; a compromise; swap, exchange.
  14. hue (noun) – character, aspect, appearance.
  15. husk (noun) – covering, seed case, shell (of some seeds/fruits).
  16. spat (noun) – argument or quarrel for nothing.
  17. play out (phrasal verb) – happen, occur, take place.
  18. stressed banks (noun) – troubled banks; the banks with stringent capital requirements.
  19. prudential (adjective) – showing care and forethought, especially in business.
  20. bailiwick (noun) – department, domain, sector.
  21. so to speak (phrase) – in a manner of speaking, in a way, to some extent.
  22. reserves (noun) – funds (resources as stock/reservoir).
  23. commensurate (adjective) – equivalent/equal, comparable, proportionate.
  24. formulae (plural noun) – plural of formula.
  25. notion (noun) – idea, belief, conception.
  26. credible (adjective) – convincing, acceptable; reasonable/valid.
  27. say (noun) – influence, authority, voice.
  28. step away from (phrasal verb) – avoid, not involved in something.
  29. nicety (noun) – fine point, subtle detail, fine distinction/factor.
  30. jeopardise (verb) – threaten, endanger/imperil, put in danger/put at risk.
  31. last-resort (phrase) – temporary solution, expedient, makeshift.
  32. well-founded (adjective) – acceptable, supportable, valid.
  33. contriteness (noun) – regretfulness, repentance, remorse.
  34. reach out (phrasal verb) – hold out, extend, outstretch.
  35. subvention (noun) – a grant of money (subsidy) provided by the government to help some sectors such as arts, science, education etc.
  36. nudge (verb) – encourage, prompt, stimulate.
  37. top brass (noun) – very important/famous people in authority.
  38. desperate (adjective) – last-minute, risky, hasty.
  39. misfeasance (noun) – deceit, dishonesty, duplicity.
  40. untrammelled (adjective) – uncontrolled, unconstrained, unrestricted.
  41. swing (verb) – change, alter, shift.
  42. populism (noun) – policies that supposedly represent the opinions of ordinary people .
  43. populist (adjective) – relating to the politicians who claim that they are representing the common/ordinary people.
  44. erode (verb) – (gradually) deteriorate, destroy, spoil.
  45. borne past participle of bear (verb) – produce/yield, give, provide.
  46. dictum (noun) – saying, maxim, proverb.
  47. vaguely (adverb) – roughly, indeterminately, nearly.
  48. precision (noun) – exactness,  accuracy, correctness.


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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Independence and accountability) – Nov 09, 2018:

The Hindu Lead Article (Independence and accountability) – Nov 09, 2018 The Hindu Lead Article (Independence and accountability) – Nov 09, 2018

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