The Hindu Lead Article (Down, but definitely not out) – Mar 14, 2019

The Hindu Lead Article (Down, but definitely not out) – Mar 14, 2019

As the fight against the dreaded terrorist group, the Islamic State (IS) is drawing to a close, issues such as the future of terrorism in West Asia and…For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s advanced word list-1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Down, but definitely not out) – Mar 14, 2019.

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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Down, but definitely not out) – Mar 14, 2019:

  1. on the verge of (phrase) – to be at the point/situation where something is about to happen.
  2. wipe out (phrasal verb) – eliminate, abolish, remove (completely).
  3. apparatus (noun) – structure, system/framework, organization.
  4. wittingly (adverb) – deliberately, knowingly, intentionally/purposely.
  5. vortex (noun) – countercurrent, counterflow, whirlwind/eddy (circular movement). Figuratively to refer confusion, disturbance, commotion.
  6. food for thought (phrase) – something to think about, something to be seriously considered.
  7. sheen (noun) – shine, lustre; sparkle/brightness.
  8. credible (adjective) – convincing, acceptable; reasonable/valid.
  9. extinction (noun) – disappearance, destruction, elimination/eradication.
  10. formidable (adjective) – strong, powerful, mighty.
  11. caliphate (noun) – (Arabic: khilāfa) is an area containing an Islamic steward known as a caliph (Arabic: khalīfah), chief Muslim ruler-a person considered a religious successor to the Islamic prophet, Muhammad.
  12. pay off (phrasal verb) – be successful, succeed, be effective,, get results.
  13. semblance (noun) – resemblance, likeness, similarity/similar nature.
  14. wind up (phrasal verb) – conclude, bring to an close, end/finish.
  15. hole up (phrasal verb) – hide oneself, conceal oneself, secrete oneself.
  16. rescue (noun) – an act of saving (from difficulty/danger); bail out, lend a hand.
  17. someone’s clutches (phrase) – power, control, domination.
  18. sanctuary (noun) – refuge, haven, hideout/hiding place.
  19. upstart (noun) – a person or group has risen suddenly to a position of power/wealth.
  20. hierarchy (noun) – ranking, grading; class system.
  21. lethal (adjective) – deadly, fatal, killing.
  22. unleash (verb) – let loose, release, set free.
  23. play the card of (phrase)  – use/utilize something (an idea/issue) for an advantage.
  24. extremism (noun) – radicalism, fanaticism, dogmatism.
  25. savagery (noun) – brutality, barbarity/cruelty; inhumanity.
  26. facet (noun) – aspect, feature, characteristic/nuance.
  27. intertwine (verb) – entwine, interweave, weave together.
  28. sordid (adjective) –  disreputable, dishonourable, shameful.
  29. lose sight of (phrase) –  pay no attention to,  be lax about, skip.
  30. parentage (noun) – origins, roots/derivation, background.
  31. strip of (verb) – take away from, relieve, deprive.
  32. disillusion (verb) – disenchant, discontent, disappoint.
  33. disregard (noun) – inattention, heedlessness/carelessness, negligence.
  34. dilemma (noun) – quandary, predicament, difficulty.
  35. compassion (noun) – sympathy, feeling, empathy/leniency.
  36. relentlessly (adverb) – steadily, firmly/determinedly, unwaveringly.
  37. repatriation (noun) – the act of  sending people to their own country.
  38. cocktail (noun) – mixture of different substances.
  39. spur (verb) – stimulate, galvanize, encourage/motivate.
  40. wean away (phrasal verb) – to  detach, disconnect, separate someone from depending on something.
  41. swift (adjective) – rapid, quick, sudden/prompt.
  42. disenchantment (noun) – disappointment, dissatisfaction, discontent.
  43. sneak (verb) – move furtively/stealthy .
  44. analogous (adjective) – comparable, parallel, similar.
  45. infiltration (noun) – encroachment, violation, infringement.
  46. trickle (noun) – a small group of people moving slowly.
  47. insidious (adjective) – stealthy, tricky, underhand/dishonest.
  48. gain ground (phrase) – make headway, make progress.
  49. conducive (adjective) – favourable, beneficial, advantageous.
  50. fodder (noun) – a raw material for a specific use.
  51. be in the same boat (phrase) – be in the same difficult situations like others.
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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Down, but definitely not out) – Mar 14, 2019:

The Hindu Lead Article (Down, but definitely not out) – Mar 14, 2019 The Hindu Lead Article (Down, but definitely not out) – Mar 14, 2019

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