The Hindu Lead Article (Diary of the year to come) – Jan 01, 2019

The Hindu Lead Article (Diary of the year to come) – Jan 01, 2019

As one year dips and another dawns, a calendar of anniversaries is un-scrolled. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s advanced word list-1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Diary of the year to come) – Jan 01, 2019.

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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Diary of the year to come) – Jan 01, 2019:

  1. exhort (verb) – urge, encourage, appeal to.
  2. conscience (noun) – inner voice, moral sense; morals, values.
  3. dawn (verb) – begin, start, arrive.
  4. unscroll (verb) – open, unfold.
  5. much-hailed (adjective) – much-acclaimed, much-praised, much-admired.
  6. notoriously (adverb) – notedly, prominently, noticeably.
  7. entrench (verb) – establish, settle, embed.
  8. trauma (noun) – torment, distress, suffering.
  9. vortex (noun) – countercurrent, counterflow, whirlwind/eddy (circular movement). Figuratively to refer confusion, disturbance, commotion.
  10. massacre (noun) – mass murder/killing, mass destruction.
  11. knighthood (noun) – an award given by The Queen (of the United Kingdom) to an individual for a major, long-term, contribution in any activity, usually at a national or international level.
  12. scores of (phrase) – a lot, a large number of, a host of.
  13. centenary (noun) – relating to a hundredth anniversary.
  14. enchain (verb) – bind with chains.
  15. despair (noun) – hopelessness, distress, anguish.
  16. hauntingly (adverb) – in a haunting/poignant manner.
  17. arson (noun) – setting fire intentionally to damage/destroy public properties, particularly buildings.
  18. loot (noun) – (stolen) money, wealth, resources.
  19. chastisement (noun) – reprimand, castigation, reproval, rebuke/criticism.
  20. star-dust (noun) – a magical quality.
  21. squadron (noun) – an (air force) unit consisting a number of military aircrafts (2 or more) and their personnel deployed on a surveillance duty to protect a country’s skies; unit, contingent, regiment.
  22. abroad (adverb) – out of the country, overseas.
  23. startle (verb) – surprise, shock, frighten/jolt.
  24. reflectively (adverb) – thoughtfully.
  25. immortal (adjective) – undying, everlasting, eternal.
  26. reverberate (verb) – resound, resonate, repeat.
  27. dizzy (adjective) – light-headed, unsteady, faint.
  28. twinkle (verb) – glitter, sparkle, shine.
  29. envious (adjective) – jealous, covetous, desirous.
  30. eclipse (noun) – it takes place when one heavenly body such as a moon or planet moves into the shadow of another heavenly body.
  31. veil (verb) – conceal, hide, cloak/camouflage.
  32. check (verb) – stop, restrain/restrict, prevent.
  33. misfortune (noun) – problem, difficulty, trouble/setback.
  34. Operation Blue Star (noun) – it was a military operation (In 1-8th June, 1984) which was ordered by Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister, to remove Sikh militants who were accumulating weapons in the Harmandir Sahib Complex (Golden Temple).
  35. reach out (phrasal verb) – contact someone to obtain/offer help/assistance/cooperation.
  36. stay put (phrase) – remain somewhere without moving (from that place).
  37. glazed (adjective) – showing no interest.
  38. cowering (noun) – shrinking, crouching, recoiling/shaking.
  39. gaunt (adjective) – dismal, gloomy, grim/uninviting.
  40. emphatically (adverb) – distinctly, clearly, noticeably.
  41. succumb (verb) – yield, give in, submit/surrender.
  42. manipulation (noun) – manoeuvre, stratagem, intrigue/ploy.
  43. disuse (noun) – non-use, lack of use; neglect.
  44. landslide (noun) – decisive, runaway (victory), overwhelming majority.
  45. far-reaching (adjective) – important, major, significant.
  46. paralyse (verb) – disable, incapacitate, immobilize.
  47. immobilise (verb) – disable, cripple, paralyse, inactive.
  48. monopoly (noun) – exclusive/complete control of something by a person/organisation.
  49. whistle-blower (noun) – one who reveals others’ illegal activities in public or to the government/authority.
  50. stranglehold (noun) – complete control, power, influence/domination.
  51. deceit (noun) – misrepresentation, dissimulation, cheating.
  52. exploitation (noun) – enslavement, victimization, oppression.
  53. mint (verb) – create, make up, produce.
  54. clandestine (adjective) – secret, covert, hidden.
  55. brazen (adjective) – bold and shameless; unashamed, unabashed.
  56. preferment (noun) – development, progress, growth.
  57. vice-like (adjective) – very firm, very tight (grip).
  58. negate (verb) – nullify, make ineffective; deny/reject.
  59. hegemony (noun) – leadership, dominance, authority.
  60. conformism (noun) – conforming to established procedures.
  61. callousness (noun) – heartlessness, cold-bloodedness, harshness.
  62. overwhelm (verb) – swamp, submerge, flood/inundate.
  63. humane (adjective) – compassionate, generous; socially concerned.
  64. instinct (noun) – inclination, desire, tendency/urge.
  65. misappropriation (noun) – embezzlement, expropriation, theft.
  66. enlightened (verb) – wise, literate, intellectual.


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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Diary of the year to come) – Jan 01, 2019:

The Hindu Lead Article (Diary of the year to come) – Jan 01, 2019 The Hindu Lead Article (Diary of the year to come) – Jan 01, 2019 The Hindu Lead Article (Diary of the year to come) – Jan 01, 2019

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