The Hindu Lead Article (An invitation to corruption?) – Dec 08, 2018

The Hindu Lead Article (An invitation to corruption?) – Dec 08, 2018

Early this year the government introduced an Electoral Bond Scheme purportedly with a view to cleansing the prevailing culture of political sponsorship. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s advanced word list-1 for The Hindu Lead Article (An invitation to corruption?) – Dec 08, 2018.

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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (An invitation to corruption?) – Dec 08, 2018:

  1. invitation (noun) – encouragement, temptation, lure/attraction.
  2. inhibit (verb) – impede, hinder, prevent.
  3. purportedly (adverb) – apparently, seemingly, ostensibly.
  4. prevailing (adjective) – existing; current.
  5. devastate (verb) – shatter, shock, traumatize/distress.
  6. rectitude (noun) – righteousness, morality, honour.
  7. damning (adjective) – reproachful, critical/condemnatory, fault-finding.
  8. indictment (noun) – charge, accusation, citation.
  9. grey area (noun) – an area of activity/a condition which is not clearly described.
  10. ceiling (noun) – cap, limit, upper limit.
  11. prima facie (adverb/adjective) – something (first impression) considered as right until proved.
  12. opaque (adjective) – non-transparent, unclear, mysterious/doubtful.
  13. denomination (noun) – value (of a bank note).
  14. promissory note (adjective) – a legal document in which one party (issuer) promises in writing to pay a fixed sum of money to the other (payee) on demand.
  15. encash (verb) – exchange, convert into cash.
  16. palpably (verb) – clearly, visibly, noticeably.
  17. anonymity (noun) – a condition of being unknown; no description.
  18. slew of (noun) – a large number of, lot, range.
  19. excesses (noun) – very bad, wrong, violent behaviour.
  20. ought to (modal verb) – must, should.
  21. shell company (noun) -a non-trading company used as a vehicle for various financial manoeuvres.
  22. siphon off (phrasal verb) – draw off, extract, withdraw.
  23. untrammelled (adjective) – uncontrolled, unconstrained, unrestricted.
  24. lucidity (noun) – clarity, clearness, transparency.
  25. prescience (noun) – insight, vision, intuition.
  26. peril (noun) – insecurity, jeopardy, risk/danger.
  27. coffers (noun) – funds, resources/finances; treasury/exchequer.
  28. apace (adverb) – quickly, fast, swiftly, rapidly.
  29. overwhelm (verb) – swamp, submerge, flood/inundate.
  30. throttle (verb) – suppress/restrict, crack down on, stop/end.
  31. circumscription (noun) – a state of something restricted/with boundaries.
  32. scarcely (adverb) – hardly, barely; rarely.
  33. concede (verb) – admit, acknowledge, accept,/allow.
  34. grossly (adverb) – flagrantly, obviously; extremely/excessively.
  35. imperative (adjective) – very important, critical, necessary.
  36. cynic (noun) – sceptic, doubter, pessimist.
  37. adjunct (noun) – supplement, addition, extra.
  38. man who pays the piper will then call the tune (phrase) – the person who pays money to someone for some work will determine what & how the work should be done.
  39. call the tune (phrase) – be in command, be the boss, be in the driving seat.
  40. entreat (verb) – implore/beg, request, ask.
  41. bedrock (noun) – core, basis/base, foundation.
  42. opacity (noun) – lack of clarity, obscurity/mystery/enigma, non-transparency.
  43. rescind (verb) – revoke, repeal, cancel/reverse.
  44. irredeemably (adverb) – irreparably; in a way that something not able to be corrected/improved.
  45. edifice (noun) – a complex system/structure.
  46. flout (verb) – defy/disdain, refuse to obey, disregard (a rule).
  47. incidental (adjective) – less important, secondary, subordinate.
  48. explicitly (adverb) – clearly, unequivocally, without any doubt.
  49. pertain to (verb) – concern, relate to, affect.
  50. subversion (verb) – the act of undermining, worsening, reducing (power & authority gradually).
  51. implicit (adjective) – implied, indirect, hinted.
  52. conceive (verb) – form, formulate; imagine/visualize.
  53. universal adult franchise (noun) – the right of citizens in a given society who are entitled to vote in an election without the discrimination of caste, class, colour, religion or sex.
  54. dilute (verb) – weaken, moderate, tone down.
  55. intrinsic (adjective) – basic, fundamental, essential.
  56. jurist (noun) – an expert in law.
  57. set out (phrasal verb) – aim, intend, mean.
  58. transgress (verb) – disobey, break the law, err/lapse.


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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (An invitation to corruption?) – Dec 08, 2018:

The Hindu Lead Article (An invitation to corruption?) – Dec 08, 2018 The Hindu Lead Article (An invitation to corruption?) – Dec 08, 2018

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