The Hindu Editorial (Resisting resistance) – Oct 15, 2018

The Hindu Editorial (Resisting resistance) – Oct 15, 2018

Even as antibiotics lose their efficacy against deadly infectious diseases worldwide, it seems to be business as usual for governments, private corporations and individuals who have the power to stall a post-antibiotic apocalypse. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Resisting resistance) – Oct 15, 2018.

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Today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Resisting resistance) – Oct 15, 2018:

  1. resistance (noun) – ability to fight off, ability to counteract/withstand, immunity from.
  2. antibiotic (noun) – a chemical substance/drug used to destroy or inhibit the growth of bacteria that causes infectious diseases.
  3. efficacy (noun) – effectiveness, efficiency,  power/ability to give estimated results.
  4. business as usual (phrase) – routine, regularity, normal pattern.
  5. stall (verb) – obstruct, impede, stop.
  6. apocalypse (noun) – an event involving destruction or damage.
  7. poultry (noun) – birds (such as chickens and ducks) that are raised on farms for their eggs or meat.
  8. regulate (verb) – control, adjust, manage.
  9. comply with (verb) – abide by, adhere/conform to, follow.
  10. self-defeating (adjective) – futile, pointless, useless.
  11. stand ( verb) – be in a particular situation.
  12. mortality rate (noun) – (in a particular time/for a cause) the rate of death.
  13. pick up (phrasal verb) – improve, increase, get stronger.
  14. contamination (noun) – pollutant, impurity, adulterant.
  15. prescription (noun) – instruction, direction.
  16. as far as (phrase) – to the extent/degree.
  17. last-resort (phrase) – temporary solution, expedient, makeshift.
  18. over the counter (phrase) – relating to retail sale without prescription & license.
  19. sewer (noun) – drain.
  20. explosion (noun) – sudden/rapid increase, escalation.
  21. toll (noun) – damage, suffering, loss.
  22. alarming (adjective) – disturbing, worrying.
  23. sepsis (noun) – contamination, poison.
  24. mount (verb) – increase, grow, rise.


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Today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Resisting resistance) – Oct 15, 2018:

The Hindu Editorial (Resisting resistance) - Oct 15, 2018

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