The Hindu Editorial (Overdue correction) – Jul 17, 2018

The Hindu Editorial (Overdue correction) – Jul 17, 2018

The Centre has announced the constitution of a committee to revisit several provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 that impose stiff penalties and,… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Overdue correction) – Jul 17, 2018.

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Today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Overdue correction) – Jul 17, 2018: 

  1. yield (verb) – produce, generate, give/bear.
  2. entail (verb) – cause, result in, produce.
  3. overhaul (noun) – thorough examination, reorganization/restructuring, rearrangement.
  4. decriminalise (verb) – make legal, legitimate, validate.
  5. contour (noun) – outlineshapeform.
  6. adjudicatory (adjective) – relating to adjudication (a formal judgement).
  7. discretion (noun) – choice, option, preference.
  8. typographical error (adjective) – typo, misprint;  it is a mistake made in the typing process (such as a spelling mistake) of printed material.
  9. construe (verb) – interpret, understand, take as.
  10. stricture (noun) – constraint, restriction, impediment/obstacle.
  11. regulatory (adjective) –  directorial/organizational, governmental, supervisory.
  12. devote (verb) – allocate, assign, allot.
  13. pursue (verb) – conduct, engage in, practise/follow.
  14. build in (phrasal verb) – incorporate in, include in, subsume into.
  15. misdemeanour (noun) – wrongdoing, evil deed, crime act.
  16. prevail (verb) – exist, be present, be in effect.
  17. at that moment in time (phrase) – now; at present.
  18. crony capitalism (noun) – it is a term describing an economy in which success in business depends on close relationships between business people and government officials.
  19. come to light (phrase) – reveal, disclose, expose.
  20. revered (adjective) – appreciated, admired, esteemed.
  21. erstwhile (adjective) – old, previous, former.
  22. spook  (verb) – shock, shake up, appal/panic.
  23. books (noun) – records or accounts.
  24. comprehensive (adjective) – thorough, full, extensive.
  25. revive (verb) – revitalize, restore/renew, strengthen.
  26. red-flag (verb) – warn, caution, admonish.
  27. malfeasance (noun) – wrongdoing, deceit, falsehood.
  28. inhibit (verb) – impede, hinder, prevent.
  29. steam (noun) – energy, momentum, impetus.
  30. swiftly (adverb) – quickly, rapidly, fast.


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Today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Overdue correction) – Jul 17, 2018:

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