The Hindu Editorial (Moon diplomacy) – Sep 21, 2018

The Hindu Editorial (Moon diplomacy) – Sep 21, 2018

The joint visit of South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un to Mount Paektu, the mythical birthplace of the Korean nation. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Moon diplomacy) – Sep 21, 2018.

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Today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Moon diplomacy) – Sep 21, 2018

  1. diplomacy (noun) – statesmanship.
  2. summit (noun) – meeting, negotiation, conference, .
  3. revive (verb) – reintroduce, restore, bring back.
  4. denuclearisation (noun) – the act of removing nuclear weapons from a place.
  5. infuse (verb) – inject/instil, impart, add/introduce.
  6. warmth (noun) – friendliness, cordiality, affability.
  7. thaw (noun) – an increase in friendliness.
  8. peninsula (noun) – an area of land almost surrounded by water (on three sides) and one side attached to the mainland.
  9. shut down (phrasal verb) – discontinue, cease activity, close.
  10. corresponding measures (noun) – (North Korea) dismantling its nuclear site in exchange for potentially major concessions (from the United States).
  11. armistice (noun) – a temporary stoppage of a war, truce, ceasefire.
  12. optimistically (adverb) – hopefully, confidently, positively.
  13. atmospherics (noun) – actions aimed to create a particular atmosphere/situation.
  14. yield (verb) – provide, give, produce.
  15. tangible (adjective) – real/actual, definite, substantial.
  16. ice breaking  (adjective) – good-natured, easy-going, neighbourly.
  17. bilateral (adjective) – involving two groups or countries.
  18. make headway (phrase) – make progress, make strides, gain ground.
  19. lay out (phrasal verb) – arrange, organize, plan.
  20. heartening (adjective) – encouraging, boosting, comforting.
  21. pursuit (noun) – aspiration for, quest for, search for.
  22. reciprocate (verb) – do the same, return/give back; respond.
  23. lasting (adjective) – permanent, enduring, long-lived.


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Today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Moon diplomacy) – Sep 21, 2018:

The Hindu Editorial (Moon diplomacy) - Sep 21, 2018

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