The Hindu Editorial (Home and abroad) – Sep 30, 2019

The Hindu Editorial (Home and abroad) – Sep 30, 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at the UNGA catalogued welfare and development schemes that he had initiated. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Home and abroad) – Sep 30, 2019.

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Today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Home and abroad) – Sep 30, 2019:

  1. take one’s place (phrase) – take up one’s recognized position.
  2. catalogued (adjective) – classified, categorized, systematized.
  3. sound (adjective) – pronounce,voice, say, articulate.
  4. seer (noun) – prophet, spiritualist, wise man.
  5. call for (phrasal verb) – require, necessitate, demand.
  6. humanity (noun) – humankind, the human race, people.
  7. stand out (phrasal verb) – be noticeable, be visible, be obvious.
  8. sort of (phrase) – to some extent, somewhat, moderately.
  9. lately (adverb) – recently, of late, in recent times.
  10. sanitation (noun) – it generally refers to the provision of facilities and services for the  safe disposal of human urine and faeces (Courtesy: WHO).
  11. tenacious (adjective) – firm, strong, purposeful.
  12. at the cost of (phrase) – at the expense of, sacrifice, at the loss of.
  13. outreach (noun) – the level of reaching out/activity/effort; involvement.
  14. pulpit (noun) – stand, platform, stage.
  15. at odds with (phrase) – inconsistent, at variance, contrary.
  16. antithetical (adjective) – directly opposed to, contrary to, conflicting with.
  17. rationale (noun) – reason/basis; principle.
  18. populist (noun) – the politicians who claim that they are representing the common/ordinary people.
  19. seek (verb) – try, attempt, aim.
  20. privilege (verb) – give a special advantage.
  21. sovereignty (noun) – supremacy, dominion, power.
  22. slack off (verb) – decrease, lessen, slow down.
  23. transnational (adjective) – involving/relating to two/more countries.
  24. climate change (noun) – a long-term change in the Earth’s climate, or of a region on Earth (Courtesy: NASA).
  25. globalisation (noun) – the process of making the trade of goods and services equivalent in all nations (Courtesy: VOA Learning English).
  26. sustain (verb) – continue/maintain, carry on, keep going.
  27. overlook (verb) – miss, fail to notice; disregard, neglect/ignore.
  28. soft power (noun) – soft power is convincing & effective power deriving from attraction and imitation and be based on intangible (non-physical) resources such as culture, ideology, and institutions (Courtesy: E-International Relations (E-IR)).
  29. hard power (noun) – hard power is coercive power executed through military threats and economic incentives and based on tangible resources such as the army or economic strength.
  30. attribute (noun) – quality, feature, aspects.
  31. tolerance (noun) – forbearance, liberality, open-mindedness.
  32. pluralism (noun) – (of people) the practice exist in harmony irrespective of various differences.
  33. bluster (noun) – threats, domineering, aggressive talk (with little effect).
  34. implied (adjective) – implicit, indirect, hinted/suggested.
  35. over the top (adverb) – immoderate, extreme, unreasonable.
  36. beside the point (phrase) – irrelevant, pointless, unimportant.
  37. wish away (phrasal verb) – try to stop/eliminate something (problem) just by wishing that it did not exist.
  38. fora plural form of forum (noun) – assembly, gathering, conference.
  39. accommodation (noun) – arrangement, compromise, settlement/deal.
  40. underscore (verb) – underline, emphasize, highlight.
  41. tenet (noun) – principle, belief, doctrine/rule.
  42. far from (phrase) – not, not at all, nowhere near.
  43. strive for (verb) – undertake, seek, make an effort.
  44. deviation (noun) – divergence/departure, abnormality, irregularity.
  45. detrimental (adjective) – damaging, inimical, dangerous.


 1. Click each one of the words above for their definition, more synonyms, pronunciation, example sentences, phrases, derivatives, origin and etc from, narrow-mindedness
2. Definitions (elementary level) & Synonyms provided for the words above are my personal work and not that of Oxford University Press. Tentative definitions/meanings are provided for study purpose only and they may vary in different context. 
3. This word list is for personal use only. Reproduction in any format and/or Commercial use of it is/are strictly prohibited.

Today’s word list-1 The Hindu Editorial (Home and abroad) – Sep 30, 2019:

The Hindu Editorial (Home and abroad) - Sep 30, 2019 The Hindu Editorial (Home and abroad) - Sep 30, 2019

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