The Hindu Editorial (Conferring eminence) – Jul 14, 2018

The Hindu Editorial (Conferring eminence) – Jul 14, 2018

In its report on higher education for the Twelfth Plan, the working group of the erstwhile Planning Commission identified expansion, inclusion and excellence as the three pillars for growth. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Conferring eminence) – Jul 14, 2018.

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Today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Conferring eminence) – Jul 14, 2018: 

  1. confer (verb) – grant, bestow, present/give.
  2. across the board (phrase) – applying or affecting all.
  3. erstwhile (adjective) – old, previous, former.
  4. liberal (adjective) – progressive, advanced/modern, forward-looking.
  5. rigour (noun) – diligence, precision, accuracy.
  6. equitable (adjective) – fair, right, impartial/unbiased.
  7. ambitiously (adverb) – enthusiastically, purposefully, determinedly, eagerly.
  8. select (adjective) – superior, top-class/excellent/high-quality, specially chosen.
  9. rise above (phrase) – be superior to, gain mastery over, get the better of.
  10. creditable (adjective) – commendable, laudable, notable.
  11. raise the bar (phrase) – increase the standards for others to qualify for something.
  12. tag (noun) – designation, label, identification.
  13. come up (phrasal verb) – occur, happen, emerge.
  14. conditional (noun) – contingent, with conditions, with reservations.
  15. nehruvian (adjective) – relating to the (political) ideologies/policies of Jawaharlal Nehru.
  16. empowered (adjective) – authorized, allowed, entitled.
  17. ad hocism (noun) – actions/measures to deal with specific & urgent issues/situations only.
  18. insulate (verb) – protect, keep safe, save.
  19. comparable (adjective) – similar, equivalent, corresponding/commensurate.
  20. trail (verb) – drag, lag behind.
  21. Islands of excellence/eminence (noun) – (referring to) established institutions like (IIT, IIM & IISc).
  22. abysmal (adjective) – very bad, poor, appalling.


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Today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Conferring eminence) – Jul 14, 2018:

The Hindu Editorial (Conferring eminence) - Jul 14, 2018

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