“Phrasal Verbs” We Learnt Last Week (July 17-23, 2016)

Have you been reading the posts? To refresh our memory, here is a list of phrasal verbs which we learnt last week (from July 17-23, 2016).


Phrasal Verbs:

  1. Shake off (phrase) – get away from, escape, elude; dodge, get rid of.
  2. Lay down (phrasal verb) – formulate, stipulate; pronounce, announce; enact, direct, prescribe, order.
  3. Spell out (phrasal verb) – explain, make clear; specify, set out.
  4. Stem from – originate from, arise from, come from.
  5. Shrug off (phrasal verb) – disregard, dismiss, ignore, pay no heed to.
  6. Draw out (phrasal verb) – get, persuade, encourage.
  7. Turn away (phrasal verb) – refuse admittance to, send away; reject, rebuff, repel.
  8. Get on with (phrasal verb) – continue, proceed, go ahead, carry on, push on.
  9. Usher in (phrasal verb) – herald, mark the start of, announce;  initiate, introduce, put in place.
  10. Hammer out (phrasal verb) – bring about, work out, agree on, sort out, negotiate.
  11. Ward off (phrasal verb) – prevent, avert, oppose, resist; deflect, parry, fend off.


  • Click each one of the phrasal verbs above for their definition, pronunciation, more synonyms, example sentences and etc from http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/ .
  • meanings/synonyms provided for the phrasal verbs above are my personal work and not that of Oxford University Press.



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