Can India Stop Its Children From Dying? – The New York Times (Aug 24, 2017)

Can India Stop Its Children From Dying? – The New York Times (Aug 24, 2017)

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Word List-3:

  1. mortality (noun) – (in a particular time/for a cause) the rate of death.
  2. ravage (verb) – devastate, ruin, destroy.
  3. cessation (noun) –  end/termination, stopping, discontinuation/interruption.
  4. stringent (adjective) – strict, firm, tough/rigorous.
  5. chronically (adverb) – in a persistent way, long-standingly, constantly.
  6. populous (adjective) – densely populated, crowded, congested.
  7. stream (out) (verb) – run with tears.
  8. autopsy (noun) – post-mortem, necropsy.
  9. coroner (noun) – an official who investigates into violent, sudden, or suspicious deaths.
  10. the length and breadth of (phrase) – the whole extend of.
  11. penchant (noun) – liking, fondness, inclination.
  12. disregard (noun) – indifference; heedlessness, carelessness/lack of attention.
  13. laureate (noun) – a person who is honoured with an award for outstanding achievement.
  14. look after (phrasal verb) – take care of, take charge of, attend to/protect.
  15. negligent (adjective) – careless, remiss, irresponsible.
  16. at worst (phrase) – in the most serious case.
  17. incompetent (adjective) – unskilful,  inexpert, amateurish/unprofessional.
  18. at best (phrase) – taking the most positive view with best possible results.
  19. play down (phrasal verb) – underemphasize, downplay, understate.
  20. confidante (noun) – close friend, best friend, companion.
  21. grim (adjective) – dreadful, horrible, terrible.
  22. crumbling (adjective) – disintegrating, falling down, collapsing/decaying.
  23. heap (verb) – pile up, stack up, make a pile of.
  24. indignity (noun) – shame/humiliation, loss of self-respect, loss of pride.
  25. sling (verb) – hang, suspend, swing.
  26. gnaw (verb) –  bite persistently.
  27. run-up to (noun) – a period/time before an important event.
  28. fatalism (noun) – acceptance; belief that all events are unpredictable/unavoidable as fated.
  29. get away with (phrasal verb) – escape blame for, escape punishment for.
  30. meticulously (adverb) – thoroughly, assiduously, diligently/carefully.
  31. front line (noun) – most important position in a movement.
  32. disuse (noun) – non-use, lack of use; neglect.
  33. wither (verb) – diminish, dwindle, shrink/lessen.


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