Advanced Word List-Learn English-Improve Vocabulary (The illusion of participation – The Hindu Mar 31, 2018)

Today’s Advanced Word List-Learn English-Improve Vocabulary.

The illusion of participation – The Hindu Mar 31, 2018

The Canadian economist and philosopher Harold Innis comes to mind as an aid to reflect on Facebook’s silent leap from being regarded as social media to having been proved a powerful political media. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

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Today’s Advanced Word List To Learn English And To Improve Vocabulary:

  1. illusion (noun) – appearance, impression, imitation.
  2. leap (noun) – change, transformation, conversion.
  3. smuggle (verb) – take illegally, sneak, run secretly.
  4. seismic (adjective) – of/having great effects.
  5. jolt (noun) – shock, surprise, bombshell (an unpleasant one).
  6. ponder (verb) – think about, consider, review.
  7. ephemeral (adjective) – transitory, short-lived, momentary/brief.
  8. titillate (verb) – arouse, excite, stimulate.
  9. manipulate (verb) – falsify, distort/alter, change.
  10. bastion (noun) – stronghold, bulwark; rampart.
  11. put up with (phrasal verb) – tolerate, endure, stand for/support.
  12. ominous (adjective) – threatening, menacing, forbidding.
  13. accommodating (adjective) – cooperative, helpful, friendly.
  14. wield (verb) – exercise, exert, manage/control.
  15. rung (noun) – level, rank, position/grade.
  16. diminution (noun) – curtailment, decline, weakening.
  17. on the face of it (phrase) – apparently, seemingly, evidently/ostensibly.
  18. wilderness (noun) – a position of disfavour, particularly in politics.
  19. neurosis (noun) – mental illness, mental disorder, mental disturbance.
  20. centripetal (adjective) – moving towards a centre. Centrifugal means moving away from the centre.
  21. crept in past participle of creep in (verb) – penetrate, invade, slip in.
  22. infancy (noun) – beginnings, early days/stages.
  23. lynch (verb) –  punish/kill by hanging someone for claimed offence without legal trail by the group of people.
  24. inhabit (verb) – live in, dwell in, reside in.
  25. network neutrality (noun) – net neutrality refers to the principle that all traffic on the internet should be treated equally.
  26. equilibrium (noun) – balance, symmetry/equality; calmness.
  27. sanity (noun) – reasonable behaviour, common sense, wisdom.
  28. prevail (verb) – exist, be present, be established.
  29. imminent (adjective) – close/near, upcoming, impending.

Today’s Advanced Word List To Learn English And To Improve Vocabulary:

Advanced Word List-Learn English-Improve Vocabulary


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