Law, faith, unreason – The Hindu (Oct 07, 2017)

Law, faith, unreason – The Hindu (Oct 07, 2017)

Mere legislation is not enough to eradicate superstition from society, but laws do have the utility value of curbing the prevalence of inhuman rituals and practices. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

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Word List-1 (To Improve English Vocabulary)

  1. mere (adjective) – just, only, no more than.
  2. eradicate (verb) – eliminate, remove, abolish.
  3. superstition (noun) – unfounded belief, myth, delusion (misconception).
  4. prevalence (noun) – commonness, widespread presence, ubiquitousness.
  5. inhuman (adjective) – cruel, harsh/severe, inhumane.
  6. light (noun) – aspect, viewpoint/standpoint, context.
  7. black magic (noun) – magic involved like calling of spirits (ghosts) for evil and selfish purposes and performing certain rituals, making human or animal sacrifices to appease and control the spirits.
  8. exploitation (noun) – misuse, unfair treatment, taking advantage.
  9. gullible (adjective) – over-trusting, innocent, exploitable.
  10. macabre (adjective) – gruesome, horrible, shocking.
  11. peril (noun) – danger, jeopardy, risk.
  12. incur (verb) – arouse, provoke; experience/cause.
  13. displeasure (noun) – annoyance, irritation, wrath/anger.
  14. ironically (adverb) – paradoxically, unexpectedly, strangely.
  15. propagation (noun) – the action of widely spreading and promoting an idea/theory & etc.
  16. heed (verb) – pay attention to, take notice of, consider.
  17. make headway (phrase) – make progress, make strides, gain ground.
  18. steep (in) (verb) – imbue with, fill with, infuse with.
  19. morality (noun) – ethics, correctness, moral standards.
  20. outlaw (verb) – ban, prohibit, forbid.
  21. branding (noun) – a phenomenon ravaging (like battering, injuring, drowning, burning and abandoning) the lives of many children for black magic/witchcraft.
  22. pierce (verb) – make a hole with a sharp instrument.
  23. irrational (adjective) – unreasonable, illogical, groundless.
  24. venture (verb) – risk/dare, presume, have the courage.
  25. prevail (verb) – exist, be rampant/widespread, be present.
  26. incompatible (adjective) – inconsistent with, in opposition to, different to.
  27. denounce (verb) – condemn, criticize, decry/censure.
  28. exorcism (noun) – cleansing, purification; expulsion/driving out.
  29. rationalist (noun) – someone who actions based on knowledge & reason rather than on beliefs & emotions.
  30. abominable (adjective) – hateful; very bad; terrible.


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