Pursued by danger – The Hindu (Aug 08, 2017)

Pursued by danger – The Hindu (Aug 08, 2017)

The issue of women’s safety comes under the national limelight with shameful regularity. The recent incident of a woman being pursued at night by men in a car in Chandigarh is a reminder that…  For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

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Word List-1

  1. pursue (verb) – go after, follow/chase, stalk (someone).
  2. swift (adj) – fast, rapid/quick, speedy.
  3. limelight (noun) – the focus of attention, public attention, public notice.
  4. odium (noun) – disgust, disapproval, repulsion.
  5. deterrent (adjective) – relating to something which is aimed/intended to deter (stop/prevent) something else.
  6. pertain to (verb) – concern, relate to, be connected with.
  7. invoke (verb) – evoke, induce, cause.
  8. stringent (adjective) – strict, firm, tough/rigorous.
  9. provision (noun) – term, clause; proviso, condition.
  10. onus (noun) – responsibility, duty, burden
  11. foil (verb) – thwart, hinder, prevent/obstruct.
  12. design (noun) – intention, aim, target.
  13. ordeal (noun) – painful experience, torture/trauma, trouble/difficulty.
  14. ought to (modal verb) – must, should.
  15. traumatic (adjective) – disturbing, shocking, distressing.
  16. inhibit (verb) – impede, hinder, prevent.
  17. unsolicited (adjective) – uninvited, undemanded, voluntary.
  18. in the wake of (phrase) – aftermath, as a consequence of, as a result of.
  19. rigour (noun) – strictness, severity, toughness.
  20. belie (verb) – conceal, cover/disguise, misrepresent/falsify.
  21. permeate (verb) – pervade, spread through, inform.
  22. quarter (noun) – a particular group of people.
  23. aspersion (noun) – disparagement, denigration, defamation/character assassination.
  24. call out (phrasal verb) – draw/attract critical attention.
  25. victim shaming (noun) – ridicule and (wrong) judgment on the victims/survivors of rape, sexual assault and domestic violence for stepping forward and speaking out about abuse.
  26. discourse (noun) – debate, argument, discussion.


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