Vice-President Naidu – The Hindu (Aug 07, 2017)

Vice-President Naidu – The Hindu (Aug 07, 2017)

As Vice-President, M. Venkaiah Naidu brings to the office his long years of experience as Parliamentary Affairs Minister, built on an amiable personality that has won him friends cutting across party divides. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

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Word List-2

  1. tact (noun) – sensitivity, wisdom, skill.
  2. apolitical (adjective) – not interested/involved in politics.
  3. temperament (noun) – disposition, nature, character, personality.
  4. amiable (adjective) – friendly, good-natured, nice.
  5. non-starter (noun) – failure, fiasco, debacle.
  6. face-off (noun) – conflict, contest, fight.
  7. room (noun) – opportunity, scope, chance.
  8. ceremonial (adjective) – formal, official, public.
  9. akin (adjective) – similar, related, equivalent.
  10. fuss (noun) – inconvenience, effort, difficulty/trouble.
  11. zero in (phrasal verb) – focus on, concentrate on, highlight.
  12. foray (noun) – a brief attempt to get involved in a new activity/sphere.
  13. go-to (adjective) – mentioning a person who may be depended on in a particular situation.
  14. relish (verb) – enjoy, take pleasure in, rejoice/savour.
  15. ambitious (adjective) – determined/demanding, formidable, challenging.
  16. portfolio (noun) – the position/duties of a minister/secretary of state.
  17. relinquish (verb) – leave, resign from, give up.


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