Jailing a judge – The Hindu (Jun 22, 2017)

Jailing a judge – The Hindu (Jun 22, 2017)

The imprisonment of Justice C.S. Karnan, who recently retired as a judge of the Calcutta High Court, for contempt is the culmination…. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

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Word List-1

  1. culmination (noun) – climaxpeak, pinnacle.
  2. unsubstantiated (adjective) – unconfirmed, unsupported, uncorroborated.
  3. hallowed (adjective) – holy, sacred; revered/worshipped.
  4. portal (noun) – gateway, entrance, opening.
  5. pragmatic (adjective) – empirical, realistic/actual, practical.
  6. under a dark cloud (phrase) –  disgraced, discredited, shamed.
  7. strip of (verb) – deprive, confiscate/divest, relieve (from power/rank).
  8. impeachment (noun) – the act of charging (a public official) with a crime done while in office (Courtesy: VOA Learning English).
  9. disdainful (adjective) – contemptuous, scornful, full of contempt.
  10. reinforce (verb) – strengthen, fortify, bolster up.
  11. waywardness (noun) –  stubbornness, wilfulness, wildness.
  12. disregard (verb) – ignore, dismiss, set aside.
  13. introspection (noun) – self-observation, broodingself-analysis; contemplation.
  14. ill-suited (adjective) – inappropriate, unsuitable.
  15. inadequacy (noun) – insufficiency, deficiency, scarcity.
  16. Collegium system (noun) – The collegium system is the one in which the Chief Justice of India and a forum of four senior most judges of the Supreme Court recommend appointments & transfers of judges. There is no mention of the collegium in the Constitution of India.
  17. recalcitrant (adjective) – uncooperative, non-compliant, confrontational.
  18. glaring (adjective) – obvious, blatant, flagrant.
  19. lacuna (noun) – a gap/empty space; missing part of something.
  20. long-winded (adjective) – lengthy, long, overlong/prolonged.
  21. cumbersome (adjective) – complicated, complex; awkward/hard to deal with.
  22. wits (noun) – intelligence, astuteness, cleverness.
  23. refractory (adjective) – obstinate, stubborn, contrary, recalcitrant.
  24. self-restraint (noun) – self-control, restraint, control.
  25. chasten (verb) – subdue, humble, flatten.
  26. remission (noun) – cancellation, setting aside, suspension, revocation.
  27. grudge (verb) – feel resentful, envy, be angry about.
  28. play to the gallery (idiom) – instead of doing his/her job, is keen on winning popularity. (Courtesy: The Hindu).
  29. martyr (noun) – a person who displays that he is suffering from/in distress in order to obtain sympathy.



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