Afghan by birth, Indian by heart – The Hindu (Jun 18, 2017)

Afghan by birth, Indian by heart – The Hindu (Jun 18, 2017)

Coming from trouble-torn Afghanistan where peace has been no more than a pause between two wars in the last few decades, Sayed Qudrat epitomises how education can transform people’s perception and is important to usher in stability to a country besides promoting the individual’s well-being. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

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Word List-1:

  1. no more than (phrase) – used to highlight how small a thing (number/amount) is.
  2. pause (noun) – stop, break, hiatus.
  3. epitomise (verb) – symbolize, represent, illustrate.
  4. usher in (phrasal verb) – start/begin, initiate; herald/signal.
  5. well-being (noun) – welfare, happiness, comfort/security. 
  6. mastery (over) (noun) – control, superiority, domination/command.
  7. humanity (noun) – compassion, humaneness/kindness, benevolence.
  8. transcend (verb) – go beyond, rise above: surpass/conquer/outshine.
  9. facilitate (verb) – enable, assist, help.
  10. horizon (noun) – range of experience, outlook, perspective/perception.
  11. scroll of honour/roll of honour (noun) – an award given to encourage, recognize, admire and honour someone’s achievement.
  12. ovation (noun) – round of applause, clapping/cheering, praise.



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