Shoots take root – The Hindu (Jun 16, 2017)

Shoots take root – The Hindu (Jun 16, 2017)

The biggest takeaway from the U.S. Federal Reserve’s decision to raise the federal funds rate, for a third time in six months, is its… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

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Word List-1

  1. take root (phrase) – become established, become fixed.
  2. traction (noun) – an idea or a product gains popularity/acceptance.
  3. takeaway (noun) – a key point/idea/fact.
  4. underpin (verb) – support, buttress, form (a basis).
  5. rebound (noun) – recovery, increase in something (value, amount) after a decline.
  6. spur (verb) – stimulate, encourage, motivate/urge.
  7. doldrums (noun) – a state or period of inactivity, stagnation, sluggish.
  8. revival (noun) – improvement, betterment; re-establishment.
  9. amid (preposition) – in the middle of, surrounded by, among/amongst.
  10. tumult (noun) – loud noise, racket, uproar/furore.
  11. roil (US term for rile) (verb) – irritate, annoy, bother.
  12. reiterate (verb) – repeat, say again, restate.
  13. contour (noun) – outline, shape, form.
  14. pare (verb) – reduce, diminish, decrease.
  15. balance sheet (noun) – a statement that shows the financial condition of a company at a particular point in time.
  16. bump up (phrasal verb) – make larger, increase, raise.
  17. ward off (phrasal verb) – prevent, avert, oppose/resist.
  18. taper tantrum (noun) – it is the term used to refer US Federal bank’s trimming of the amount of money it was feeding into the economy and which resulted sudden increase in its treasury.
  19. flag (verb) – indicate,  identify, point out.
  20. deliberate (adjective) – intentional, calculated, pre-planned/thought out.
  21. calibrated (adjective) –  carefully assessed/modified/regulated.
  22. spell out (phrasal verb) – explain, make clear, elucidate/clarify.
  23. earmark (verb) – designate, assign, reserve.
  24. counter-intuitive (adjective) – opposite to/against common sense expectation.
  25. in the light of (phrase) – taking into consideration/account, keeping in mind, in view of.
  26. inflation (noun) – increase of price level of goods & services & vice versa decrease of currency value.
  27. accommodative (adjective) – accommodating, cooperative.
  28. poise (noun) – balance, equilibrium; assurance.



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