Saving Kulbhushan Jadhav – The Hindu (May 13, 2017)

Saving Kulbhushan Jadhav – The Hindu (May 13, 2017)

India’s decision to approach the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to stall the possible execution of Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav in Pakistan is an unusual move impelled by the peculiar circumstances of the former naval officer’s case. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

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Word List-1:

  1. adherence (noun) – attachment, commitment, devotion/bonding.
  2. proceedings (noun) – (legal case/suit) activities, affairs, happenings.
  3. stall (verb) – stop, obstruct, impede/thwart.
  4. impel (verb) – force, compel/pressurize, spur.
  5. bogus (adjective) – fake, false, fraudulent.
  6. imminent (adjective) – impending, about to happen, near/close.
  7. hinge on (verb) – be dependent, be contingent, be based.
  8. conviction (noun) – declaration of guilt, sentence, judgement.
  9. espionage (noun) – spying, undercover work, infiltration.
  10. mercy (noun) – forgiveness, humanity, leniency.
  11. contention (noun) – disagreement, dispute, argument/allegation.
  12. egregious (adjective) – extremely bad; shocking.
  13. consular (adjective) – relating to the consul or consulate in a foreign city.
  14. appellate (adjective) – (of a court) dealing with cases on appeal to review the decision of a lower court.
  15. institute (verb) – start, begin, initiate (legal  proceedings).
  16. substantive (adjective) – important & meaningful.
  17. adjudication (noun) – judgement, decision, verdict.
  18. on the face of it (phrase) – apparently, seemingly, evidently.
  19. incongruous (adjective) – inappropriate, unsuitable; contrasting.
  20. in the light of (phrase) – taking into consideration/account, in view of.
  21. bilateral (adjective) – involving two groups or countries.
  22. reciprocal (adjective) – (of an agreement) mutual, common, joint/correlative.
  23. detention (noun) – custody, arrest, captivity/confinement.
  24. iteration (noun) – repetition/reiteration (of something again and again).
  25. precipitate (verb) – expedite, advance, accelerate.


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