Graduating and Looking for Your Passion? Just Be Patient – The New York Times (June 04, 2016)

Graduating and Looking for Your Passion? Just Be Patient – The New York Times (June 04, 2016)

Graduating and looking for your passion? Just be patient. To read this article, visit “The New York Times”.  

Word List: 


  1. Grandeur (noun) – splendor, glory, majesty, greatness.
  2. Euphoria (noun) – elation, happiness, joy, delight, excitement.
  3. Harrowing (adjective) – distressing, upsetting, worrying, agonizing, painful.
  4. Commencement (noun) – graduation, convocation.
  5. Trumpet (noun) – a musical instrument.
  6. Feel it in the bones (idiom) – believing something strongly/deeply.
  7. Foster (verb) – encourage, nurture, enrich, promote.
  8. Enduring (adjective) – long lasting, everlasting, continuing.
  9. Fascination (noun) – interest, preoccupation, passion.
  10. Inkling (noun) – sign, hint, idea, conception.
  11. Calling (noun) – job, profession, occupation.
  12. Viola (noun) – a (larger) instrument of violin family.
  13. Tepid (adjective) – unenthusiastic, uninterested, halfhearted, subdued.
  14. On the cusp (idiom) – a point where something will change.
  15. Paralyze (verb) – to become unable to move, act, function, immobilize.
  16. Indecision (noun) – indecisiveness, inability to take a decision, uncertainty, doubtfulness.
  17. Hard-wired (adjective) – inborn, natural, innate, ingrain.
  18. Gratify (verb) – satisfy, fulfill, indulge.
  19. Affirmatively (adverb) – confidently, hopefully, positively, optimistically.
  20. Grim (adjective) – dreadful, horrible, appalling, terrible, awful.
  21. Altruism (noun) – unselfishness, bigheartedness, kindness.
  22. Self-transcendent (adjective) – surpassing  personal interest.
  23. Intrinsic (adjective) – inherent, inborn, natural, innate.
  24. Confess (verb) – acknowledge, admit, declare, affirm.


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  1. Venkatesh Goud says:

    I started preparing for competitve exams from the last couple of weeks,i used to feel very difficult to learn vocabs, syn,antynoms,idioms/phrases and spellings which are majorley related to vocabulary portion ,I thought all has to be learnt individualy but after seeing this i was shocked that all were interlinked and can be learnt at one go and rc ,cloze test are also developed by going your articles.I love u guys for the hard work you put in .It is 200% benifit for students who are preparing for CAT,XAT, Bank Po and SSC,CGL and for many more competitive exams, Keep the work.Thank u very very much.

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