Mostly Used Words – (Part–7)


Mostly Used Words – (Part-7)

  1. Tangible (adjective) – real, actual, substantial, well defined, clear; touchable, palpable, visible.
  2. Semblance (noun) – appearance, outward appearance, approximation, apparent form; resemblance; similarity (archaic).
  3. Reiterate (verb) – repeat, say again, restate, iterate, recapitulate.
  4. Explicit (adjective) – clear, direct, obvious; precise, exact, definite.
  5. Cognitive (adjective) – related to the mental processes (cognition) of thinking, understanding, learning, remembering.
  6. Impinge (verb) – affect, have an effect/impact on, influence, have a bearing on.
  7. Impinge (verb) – encroach on, intrude on, infringe,
  8. Impinge (verb) – strike, hit, collide with.
  9. Metaphor (noun) – figure of speech, figurative expression, comparison, image, symbol.
  10. Emanate (verb) – emerge, flow, ensue, come out, arise; originate from; exude, spread out.
  11. Ramifications (noun) – consequence, result, aftermath, outcome, effect; development; outgrowth.
  12. Evasive (adjective) – prevaricatingelusive, equivocal, ambiguous, indefinite, indirect.
  13. Evasive (adjective) – avoiding, dodging, escaping, eluding.


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  • Definitions (elementary level)  & Synonyms provided for the words above are my personal work and not that of Oxford University Press.
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  2. Keshab says:

    Nice one.

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