Words Related to the Monsoon Season (Part-1)

Here is a list of words which we frequently read/hear during the monsoon season. This list is incomplete and it will be updated regularly. You are welcome to send in words which you read/hear repeatedly during this rainy season and we add them also to the list constantly.

  1. Lash (verb) – hit/beat/thrash violently/forcefully.
  2. Batter (verb) – pummel, hit, lash, strike repeatedly.
  3. Pummel (verb) – batter, lash, hit repeatedly.
  4. Waterlogged (adjective) – saturate/fill with water, full of water.
  5. Downpour (noun) – a heavy rainfall.
  6. Wade through (phrasal verb) – walk through (the waterlogged road/way/place).
  7. Snarl up (noun) – block something from moving, traffic jam.
  8. Inundation (noun) – flooding, flood water, covering/flooding with water.
  9. Rampant (adjective)- uncontrolled, unchecked, unhindered, unrestrained.
  10. Futile (adjective) – pointless, useless, vain, ineffective, unsucessful.
  11. Irrigation (noun) – supply of water to farm land to grow crops & plants.
  12. Incessant (adjective) – unceasing, non stop, constant, persistent.
  13. Persistent (adjective) – continuing, constant, uninterrupted, steady.
  14. Intermittent (adjective) – not continuous/steady, irregular, patchy, scattered.
  15. Torrent (noun) – (of water) flood, deluge, steam, gushing.
  16. Deluge (noun) – flood, torrent, overflow of an area with water.
  17. Clog (verb) – block, fill up, congest, jam.
  18. Torrential (adjective) – (of rain) heavy, severe, copious, rapid, relentless.
  19. Unprecedented (adjective) – unparalled, unmatched, unusual.
  20. Depression  (noun) – a region with low air pressure, an area of low atmospheric pressure, cyclone/low pressure area.
  21. Succour (noun) – aid, help, assistance, relief, support.
  22. Scurry (verb) – hurry, rush, run  (Eg: The heavy rain sent residents scurrying for cover).
  23. Maroon (verb) – strand, leave isolate, abandon.
  24. Havoc (noun) – devastation, damage, catastrophe.
  25. Drench (verb) – wet throughly/completely/extremely, soak, submerge, inundate, flood.


  • Click each one of the words above for their definition, more synonyms, pronunciation, example sentences, phrases, derivatives, origin and etc from http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/ .
  • Synonyms provided for the words above are my personal work and not that of Oxford University Press.
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